The Ingoldsby Country: Literary Landmarks of the "Ingoldsby Legends"

A. & C. Black, 1904 - 274 páginas

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Página 43 - Canon then, a sage and learned clerk ; lie had, I trow, a goodly house, fast by that Entry dark ! ' The Canon was a portly man — of Latin and of Greek, And learned lore, he had good store, — yet health was on his cheek. The Priory fare...
Página 27 - ejaculated the squire, pausing abruptly in the mastication of a drumstick. ' To be sure, my dear sir : don't you remember that rats once came under the forest laws — a minor species of venison? "Rats and mice and such small deer,
Página 43 - And bid them go the nearest way, for Mr. Birch has said That nine o'clock's the hour he'll have his boarders all in bed ; And well we know when little boys their coming home delay, They often seem to walk and sit uneasily next day ! ' ' — Now, nay, dear Uncle Ingoldsby, now send me not, I pray, Back by that Entry dark, for that you know's the nearest way ; I dread that Entry dark with Jane alone at such an hour, It fears me quite — it's Friday night ! — and then Nell Cook hath pow'r ! ' ' And,...
Página 68 - C/iron. ^N the lone bleak moor, At the midnight hour, Beneath the Gallows Tree, Hand in hand The Murderers stand By one, by two, by three ! And the Moon that night With a grey, cold light Each baleful object tips ; One half of her form Is seen through the storm, The other half's hid in Eclipse ! And the cold Wind howls, And the Thunder growls, And the Lightning is broad and bright ; And altogether...
Página 135 - Rome stood on seven hills; Folkestone seems to have been built upon seventy. Its streets, lanes, and alleys — fanciful distinctions without much real difference, — are agreeable enough to persons who do not mind running up and down stairs; and the only inconvenience at all felt by such of its inhabitants as are not asthmatic, is when some heedless urchin tumbles down a chimney, or an impertinent pedestrian peeps into a garret window. At the eastern extremity of the town, on the sea-beach, and...
Página 270 - OH, Salisbury Plain is bleak and bare, — At least so I've heard many people declare, For I fairly confess I never was there ; — Not a shrub nor a tree, Nor a bush can you see No hedges, no ditches, no gates, no stiles, Much less a house, or a cottage for miles ; — — It's a very sad thing to be caught in the rain When night's coming on upon Salisbury Plain.
Página 87 - Conjurer, if conjurer he were ; and, at least, ascertain who and what he was, and how he had become acquainted with his own person and secret afflictions. When the late Mr. Pitt was determined to keep out Buonaparte, and prevent his gaining a settlement in the county of Kent, among other ingenious devices adopted for that purpose he caused to be constructed what was then, and has ever since been conventionally termed a 'Military Canal.
Página 26 - The squire was a philosopher, and had been there often before, so he ordered out the cold tongue and chickens. 'Bolsover Priory,' said Mr Simpkinson, with the air of a connoisseur 'Bolsover Priory was founded in the reign of Henry the Sixth, about the beginning of the eleventh century. Hugh de Bolsover had accompanied that monarch to the Holy Land, in the expedition undertaken by way of penance for the murder of his young nephews in the Tower. Upon the dissolution of the monasteries, the veteran...
Página 159 - ... image of our Lady, her face was wonderfully disfigured, her tongue hanging out, and her eyes being, in a manner, plucked out and laid upon her cheeks ; and so, greatly disordered.
Página 34 - It is, however, only from those who " prated of his whereabouts" that I learned the history of his adventure with THE GHOST. THEEE stands a City, — neither large nor small, Its air and situation sweet and pretty ; It matters very little — if at all — Whether its denizens are dull or witty, Whether the ladies there are short or tall, Brunettes or blondes, only, there stands a city 1 — Perhaps 'tis also requisite to minute That there's a Castle and a Cobbler in it.

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