The Institution, Laws & Ceremonies of the Most Noble Order of the Garter

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F. Muller, 1672 - 720 pages

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This is not a review of the book. It is a review of the version of the book that Google provides.
The version of this book provided by Google is too faulty to read. The recto pages are all cut off
on the left. The versos are fully reproduced. In other words, this was a really sloppy job of photocopying.
I wish there were some easy way to report this problem to Google, but there does not seem to be. The "Report an issue" link takes me to a page where there are only two options. Using one, copyright holders can raise objections to their work being used without permission. Using the other, people who don't hold a copyright can nevertheless report content that should be "deleted under applicable laws"—I assume that is so Google can keep out of trouble with various governments who would censor documents that would otherwise be in the public domain.
This leaves me unhappy with Google for three reasons. 1. It offers shoddy goods. (I admit, this title is free of charge—but you waste my time if you to offer me useless material when I am looking for the real thing.) 2. It provides no way of pointing out the flaws in the material it has offered. 3. It does, however, provide an easy was for people who want to help governments keep people from reading books conduct their nasty business. Google's motto was "Don't be Evil." I suppose the sloppiness in the quality control of its offerings and the lack of customer support don't rise to that level. Providing an easy way for oppressive regimes to do their jobs certain does.
I regret that these comments will only be seen by those who share my interest in the history of orders of chivalry.

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