The Irony of Life: The Polanetzki Family

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R. F. Fenno, 1900 - 596 pages

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Page 252 - We Slavs have too much of that restless Aryan spirit in consequence of which neither our mind nor our heart has ever been perfect, has ever been balanced. . . . And what strange peculiar natures ! The German students, for instance, drink and this is not in any shape or form detrimental to their work, nor does it prevent them from becoming sober, practical men. But let a Slav acquire...
Page 252 - ... students, for instance, drink, and this is not, in any shape or form, detrimental to their work, nor does it prevent them from becoming sober, practical men. But let a Slav acquire the habit, and he will drink himself into an early grave. A German will be a pessimist; will write volumes on the subject whether life is or is not mere despair, and will continue to drink beer, bring up children, hoard money, water flowers, and sleep under thick covers. Under similar circumstances, the Slav will hang...
Page 555 - ALFARO thought that the best way out of the difficulty would be to...
Page 551 - Pardon me, but I would like to ask you one question: What do you intend to do with yourself?
Page 578 - I have thought of something else, which will surely rejoice you ; but you must give me your word that you will not get too excited, and you will listen calmly to what I have to say.
Page 577 - I do not know whether I will be able to go to them again after what I witnessed in poor Ignati.
Page 512 - Evidently he wanted to speak to her, but not in the presence of her husband or Vaskovski.
Page 490 - After all his observations he came to the conclusion that it would have been better for Linetti as well as for Zavilovski.
Page 341 - Bukatzki was constantly ailing; he complained of a severe pain in the back of his head, and a funny feeling as of the disjointing of every bone in his body.
Page 211 - Polanetzki, perhaps on account of his excitement, or because he knew not what to do or say, for the first time in his life...

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