The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791; the Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volume 66

Front Cover
Reuben Gold Thwaites
Burrows Bros. Company, 1900 - Canada
Establishment of Jesuit missions: Abenaki ; Quebec ; Montreal ; Huron ; Iroquois ; Ottawa ; and Lousiana.

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Page 327 - Observations upon the manners, customs, usages, different languages, government, mythology, chronology, antient and modern geography, ceremonies, religion, mechanics, astronomy, medicine, physics, natural history, commerce, arts and sciences, of the several nations of Asia, Africa and America.
Page 231 - are much less barbarous than other Savages; Christianity and intercourse with the French have by degrees civilized them. This is to be noticed in our Village, of which nearly all the inhabitants are Christians; it is also this which has brought many Frenchmen to settle here, and very recently we married three of them to Illinois women. These Savages do not lack in' telligence; they are naturally inquisitive, and turn a joke in a fairly ingenious manner.
Page 221 - Gluttony and the love of pleasure are, above all, the vices most dominant among our Savages ; they are habituated to the most indecent acts before they are even old enough to know all the shame that is connected with them. If you add to this the wandering life that they lead in the forests in pursuit of wild beasts, you will easily admit that reason must be greatly brutalized in these people ; and that it is very little inclined to submit itself to the yoke of se soumettre au joug de 1'Evangile.
Page 255 - Marest, with whom he was happily associated for many years. The latter, writing of their life at Kaskaskia, says: "Mermet remains at the village for the instruction of the Indians who stay there, the delicacy of his constitution placing it entirely out of his power to sustain the fatigues of the long journeys. Nevertheless, in spite of his feeble health, I can say that he is the soul of this mission. For myself, who am so constituted that I can run on the snow with the rapidity with which a paddle...
Page 243 - Catechumens2 are called to the Church, where they offer up prayers; they listen to an instruction and sing a few Hymns. When they have withdrawn, Mass is said, at which all the Christians are present, — the men being placed on one side and the women on the other. We also say our prayers, which are followed by an instruction, after which each one goes to his work; then we are busy with visiting the sick, giving them the necessary remedies, instructing them, and consoling those who have any cause...
Page 287 - Peouarias came some leagues to meet me, in order to escort me and to defend me from the parties of warriors who range the forests; and, when I drew near the Village, they sent one of their number thither to give notice of my arrival. The greater part of the men ascended to the Fort, which is placed upon a rock on the bank of the river.
Page 72 - La messe étant dite, il lui découvrit tout ce qui était arrivé, lui témoignant le désespoir où il était et la crainte qu'il avait que les autres étant de retour ne le missent à mort. Ce n'est pas ce que vous avez le plus à craindre lui répondit le Père. Nous sommes un trop petit nombre et on a trop besoin de vos services pour qu'on veuille vous perdre. Si on voulait le faire, je vous promets de m'y opposer autant que je pourrai, mais je vous exhorte à reconnaître devant Dieu l'énormité...
Page 226 - Les marais sont remplis de racines ', dont quelques-unes sont excellentes, comme sont les pommes de terre, et d'autres dont il est inutile de marquer ici les noms barbares. Les arbres y sont fort hauts et fort beaux. Il y en a un auquel on a donné le nom de cèdre du Liban : c'est un grand arbre fort droit, qui ne pousse ses branches qu'en haut, où elles forment une espèce de couronne.
Page 223 - Country is very fine; the great rivers which water it, the vast and dense forests, the delightful prairies, the hills covered with very thick woods,— all these features make a charming variety. Although this Country is farther South than Provence, the winter here is longer; the cold weather, however, is somewhat mitigated. During summer the heat is less scorching: the air is cooled by the forests and by the number of rivers, lakes, and ponds with which the Country is intersected.
Page 218 - ... dans une grande étendue de pays , à peine trouvet-on trois ou quatre villages. Notre vie se passe à parcourir d'épaisses forêts , à grimper sur les montagnes , à traverser en canot des lacs et des rivières pour atteindre un pauvre Sauvage qui nous fuit , et que nous ne saurions apprivoiser ni par nos discours, ni par nos caresses. Rien de plus difficile que la conversion de ces Sauvages ; c'est un miracle de la miséricorde du Seigneur : il faut d'abord en faire des hommes , et travailler...

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