The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791: The Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volume 59

Front Cover
Reuben Gold Thwaites
Burrows Brothers Company, 1900 - Canada

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Page 139 - While conversing about these monsters, sailing quietly in clear and calm Water, we heard the noise of a rapid, into which we were about to run. I have seen nothing more dreadful. An accumulation of large and entire trees, branches, and floating islands, was issuing from The mouth of The river
Page 159 - We found on it a village of Ilinois called Kaskasia, consisting of 74 Cabins. They received us very well, and obliged me to promise that I would return to instruct them. One of the chiefs of this nation, with his young men, escorted us to the Lake of the Ilinois, whence, at last, at The
Page 99 - AND ARRIVE AT MISSISIPI. HERE we are at Maskoutens. This Word may, in Algonquin, mean " the fire Nation,"—which, indeed, is the name given to this tribe. Here is the limit of the discoveries which the french have made, For they have not yet gone any farther. This Village Consists of three Nations who have gathered
Page 179 - of March, when it set in with a south wind. On the very next day, game began to make its appearance. We killed 30 pigeons, which I found better than those down the great river ; but they are smaller, both old and young. On the 28th, the ice broke up, and stopped above us. On the
Page 201 - in the presence of the 30 Canoes, which were still on the water, and of the people who were on the shore. After that, the Body was carried to the church, care being taken to observe all that the ritual appoints in such ceremonies. It remained exposed under the pall, all that
Page 143 - A short distance above the river of which I have just spoken are cliffs, on which our frenchmen noticed an iron mine, which they consider very rich. There are several veins of ore, and a bed a foot thick, and one sees large masses of it united with Pebbles. A sticky earth is found there, of three different
Page 113 - investigation — a rather hazardous one for two men who exposed themselves, alone, to the mercy of a barbarous and Unknown people. We silently followed The narrow path, and, after walking About 2 leagues, We discovered a village on the bank of a river, and two others on a Hill distant about half a league from the first.
Page 171 - the river, we resolved to winter there, as it was impossible to go farther, since we were too much hindered and my ailment did not permit me to give myself much fatigue. Several Ilinois passed yesterday, on their way to carry their furs to nawaskingwe;
Page 100 - belle Croix plantée au milieu du bourg et ornée de plusieurs peaux blanches, de Ceintures rouges, d'arcs et de flèches, que ces bonnes gens auoient offertz au grand Manitou, (C'est le nom qu'ils donnent a Dieu) pour le remercier de ce qu'il auoit eu pitié D'Eux pendant L'hyuer, Leur donnant une
Page 159 - RETURN OF THE FATHER AND OF THE FRENCH. BAPTISM OF A DYING CHILD. AFTER a month's Navigation, while descending Missisipi from the 42nd to the 34th degree, and beyond, and after preaching the Gospel as well as I could to the Nations that I met, we start on the ijth of July from the village of the akensea,

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