The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791; the Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volume 63

Front Cover
Reuben Gold Thwaites
Burrows Bros. Company, 1900 - Canada

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Page 18 - to imitate Catherine, or to do severe penance for their sins. He drove them even into excess, in order, no doubt, to render Christianity hateful, even at the start; or in order to impose upon the girls and women of this mission, whose discretion has never equaled that of Catherine, whom they tried to imitate.
Page 18 - used another kind of battery. Transfiguring himself as an angel of light, he urged on the devotion of some persons who
Page 199 - is to have acquired for us a treasure which we keep preciously in our church — the body of a virtuous maiden, who died here in the odor of sanctity, as we shall tell. This year, during the summer, three of our savages, whom we have just mentioned, put it on board their canoe.
Page 192 - ceux du Sault, pour leur faire prendre la foy tout de bon, pour leur faire batir une chapelle au plustost : et il les exhortoit aussy a combattre les differens demons qui coniuroint la ruine de lune et
Page 219 - summer, working in the fields; in winter, cutting wood. These austerities were almost continual. They mingled ashes in their portion of Sagamité; they put glowing coals between their toes, where the fire burned a hole in the flesh ; they went bare-legged to make a long procession in the snows;
Page 205 - spirit has this year united all those persons, who number thirteen; they have for their object the highest state of perfection. They assemble, and one makes a brief exhortation ; or else they tell their faults to one another. They act like the daughters of mercy in
Page 243 - their porcelain bracelets, with shields which the women wear to adorn their hair, and with belts, which are the savages' pearls. Several masses have been said by way of thanksgiving for the favors which God has vouchsafed to catherine of the Sault.
Page 243 - made for it, or caused to be made—their robes, striped taffeta from china which some have left for it, and an altar-screen. They have decorated a beam which is above the altar with their
Page 192 - Cette annee sera remarquable par un celebre present qui fut envoyé de lorette au Sault, cestoit un collier exhortatif qui addressoit la voix des Loretains
Page 229 - who propound their doubts to him ; and the father also questions them about what he has propounded. 1683. At last, all the monsters of hell, being powerless to do more, made a last effort in the month of august ; and, joining at midnight with a whirlwind, blew down the

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