The Journal of Physical Chemistry, Volume 1

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Cornell University, 1897 - Chemistry
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Page 497 - Bodies do not produce sensations, but complexes of elements (complexes of sensations) make up bodies. If, to the physicist, bodies appear the real, abiding existences, whilst the "elements" are regarded merely as their evanescent, transitory appearance, the physicist forgets, in the assumption of such a view, that all bodies are but thought-symbols for complexes of elements (complexes of sensations).
Page 740 - Dalton's law. — The pressure of a mixture of several gases in a given space is equal to the sum of the partial pressures which each gas would exert if it were confined alone in the space.
Page 498 - For us, therefore, the world does not consist of mysterious entities, which by their interaction with another, equally mysterious entity, the ego, produce sensations, which alone are accessible. For us, colors, sounds, spaces, times, . . . are provisionally the ultimate elements, whose given connexion it is our business to investigate.
Page 272 - On the Properties of Matter in the Gaseous and Liquid States under various conditions of Temperature and Pressure.
Page 497 - By the recognition of this fact, many points of psychology and physics assume more distinct and more economical forms, and many spurious problems are disposed of. For us, therefore, the world does not consist of mysterious entities, which by their interaction...
Page 168 - TITLES OF THE LECTURES. The Forms of Liquids. The Fibres of Corti. On the Causes of Harmony The Velocity of Light. Why Has Man Two Eyes? On Symmetry. On the Fundamental Concepts of Electrostatics.

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