The Journey of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca and His Companions from Florida to the Pacific, 1528-1536

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Allerton Book Company, 1904 - America - 230 pages

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Page 224 - ... peaceably. And when they came to Ceuola before the magistrate, which the Lord of the citie had placed there for his Lieutenant, they delivered him the sayde great gourd, who tooke the same in his hands, and after he spyed the belles, in a great rage and fury he cast it to the ground, and willed messengers to get them packing with speed, for he knew well ynough what people they were, and that they should will them in no case to enter into the citie, for if they did hee would put them all to death.
Page 85 - Christians, in view of the season and weather, since it was in the month of November, remained in this timber, because they found water and firewood, some crawfish and other sea-food, but from cold and hunger they began to die. Moreover, Pantoja, who remained as lieutenant, ill-treated them. On. this Sotomayor, brother of Vasco Porcallo (the one from the Island of Cuba, who had come in the fleet as Maestro de Campo), unable to stand it longer, quarrelled with Pantoja and struck him a blow with a...
Page 133 - Wind from the same cause, at which we were amazed. They are well built, of very good physique, and whiter than any we had met until then. There we began to see mountains...
Page 221 - HERE they shewed me an hide halfe as bigge againe as the hide of a great oxe, and tolde me that it was the skin of a beast which had but one home upon his forehead, and that this home bendeth toward his breast, and that out of the same goeth a point right forward, wherein he hath so great strength, that it will breake...
Page 229 - I tolde the chief men, what a goodly citieCeuola seemed unto mee, they answered me that it was the least of the seven cities, and that Totonteac is the greatest and best of them all, because it hath so many houses and people, and there is no ende of them.
Page 216 - Turqueses hanging at their nostrils and eares, and somy had collars of turqueses like those which the Lord of the Village before I came to the Desert, and his two brethern wore : saving that they ware them but single about their neckes, and these people weare them three or foure times double, and goe in good apparrell, and skinnes of Oxen : and the women weare of the said Turqueses at their nostrils and 216 eares, and very good wast-coates and other garments.
Page 50 - I found myself in thirty fathoms and, drifting along at the hour of vespers, I descried two barges, and as I approached saw that the first one was that of the Governor, who asked me what I thought we should do. I told him that we ought to rejoin the other barge, which was ahead of us, and in no manner forsake her, and the three together should continue our way whither God might take us. He replied it was impossible, since the barge was drifting far away into the sea, whereas he wanted to...
Page 225 - I feare so much the losse bf mine owne life, as that I should not bee able to returne to give information of the greatnesses of that Countrey, where our Lord God might be glorified : and streight way I cut the cords of my budgets which I carried with me ful of merchandise for traffique, which I would not doe till then, nor give anything to any man, and began to divide all that I carried with mee among the principall men, willing them not to be afraid, but to goe forward with me, and so they did....
Page 162 - He said it had come from heaven, but when we asked who had brought it, he answered that some men, with beards like ours, had come from heaven...
Page 228 - The people are somewhat white, they wear apparel, and lie in beds, their weapons are bows, they have emeralds and other jewels, although they esteem none so much ,as turquoises, wherewith they adorn the walls of the porches of their houses, and their apparel and vessels, and they use them instead of money through all the country.

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