The Jump: A collection of short stories of mystery and passion.

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Youcanprint, 5 nov 2021
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A heartfelt investigation into the world of fiction through a series of passionate and captivating short stories, written in a vivid and visionary style. The collection is divided into three sections, each preceded by a quote from the author that anticipates the theme: mystery, love and writing. There is a reason why writing becomes "passion" and vice versa. Like a virus it grips the mind and gives birth to creatures that have a life of their own and move in an imaginary and imagined world. The reader follows them with transport in the adventures, often in medias res and always wrapped in a halo of ambiguity. Reality loses its contours and the inexplicable becomes possible. You just need to know how to "jump", as the homonymous story that gives the title to the collection says. The introduction is a real essay on the interspatial dimension of creativity. To be read in one go, with a charge of enthusiasm always growing, until the final line.

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When the student is ready... this book may appear. If fortune smiles upon you, in your life, you will encounter one book that meets you where you are at the moment. "The Jump" is that book. As you progress through the words on the pages, something mystical occurs as new dimensions open inside of you and you realize you're a different person when you've finished reading.
In the end, the words and the book are left behind, as your soul has been irrevocably "branded." Question: What use does the soul have for words? Having made THE JUMP, my answer is none whatsoever. This isn’t a book; it’s a portal Into yourself.
Dedicated “To those who can see beyond reality and facts the magic of living.” According to Ms. Landolfi, mystery isn’t far from reality. This is especially accentuated by the collection’s first two mystery section stories, “Joni’s Wings” and “The Jump.”
“Joni’s Wings,” transports us to a fantasy world of good and evil, angels and devils, ethereal beings and forbidden love.
In ”The Jump,” Sam Spade meets The X-Files in a paranormal detective story that covers parallel space dimensions, UFOs, The Lost City of Atlantis, reincarnation, body snatching, time travel and a haunting, obsessive love that knows no boundaries.
“Walking on Water” is a standout in the love story section of the collection. The story begins in medias res as a woman “possessed” speeds down the highway, determined to kill herself. Through a series of intense, vivid flashbacks we learn why she snapped and are given a sense of how much emotional trauma a human being can endure.
The writing section opens with “The Word Coming Back.” In her introduction, Ms. Landolfi states that “Writing is a bare-knuckle fight in which the enemy is the billions of words you have in your head to express what you want and which you have to choose, hit, file, chisel so that they sound perfect and hit the target.” This story is about the writer’s quest to achieve the victory of the ‘unspoken.’
The collection concludes with “My Grandmother Used to Say,” a touching dedication to Ms. Landolfi’s father and grandmother which reads like “an old black and white photo, worn out, yellowed and rough.” After reading through these pages filled with Ms. Landolfi’s magical words, meeting her grandmother again would leave her speechless: “If I were here, I would throw myself in your arms without words, because those between us were there but they went beyond the common sounds. We understood each other with only a look and the tenderness with which you smiled at me.”
THE JUMP is D. H. Landolfi’s first book translated into English. I’m looking forward to reading more from this highly creative author.

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