The Kilmarnock Treatise on Curling, 1828

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H. Crawford, 1883 - Curling - 81 pages
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Page 54 - Of a' the games that e'er I saw, Man, callant, laddie birkie wean. The dearest, far aboon them a', Was aye the witching channel stane.
Page 55 - Were I a sprite in yonder sky, Never to come back again, I'd sweep the moon and starlets by, And beat them at the channel stane.
Page 22 - ... if by any of the adverse party, it must be placed agreeably to the direction which was given to the player ; and if it is marred by any other means, the player may take his shot again. Should a stone at rest be accidentally displaced, it must be put as near as possible in its former situation.
Page 46 - And join the friendly strife, man. For on the water's face are met, Wi' mony a merry joke, man, The tenant and his jolly laird, The pastor and his flock, man. The rink is swept, the tees are...
Page 47 - Then fill the port, and block the ice, We sit upon the tee, man ; Now tak' this in-ring, sharp and neat, And mak
Page 41 - I was born, and now I'm gray, I ne'er saw siccan wratched play; Our fallows a' clean wud the day; Their stanes like gowks are hurlin': But bring the whisky and the baiks — Though fortune has play'd us the glaiks, A bumper to the Land o...
Page 47 - And take a steady aim, man. Here draw a shot — there lay a guard, And here beside him lie, man, Now let him feel a gamester's hand, Now in his bosom die, man. There fill the port, and block the ice. We sit upon the tee, man; Now tak' this inring sharp and neat, And mak
Page 45 - Huzzas wi' glee rise round the tee, In cauld, &c. But now the moon glints thro' the mist, The wind blaws snell and freezing, When straight we bicker aff in haste To whare the ingle's bleezing ; In Curler Ha', sae bein and snug, About the board we gather, Wi' mirth and glee, sirloin the tee, In cauld, &c.
Page 44 - Then round the tee we flock wi' glee, In cauld, &c. Our chief, whase skill and steady arm Gain mony a bonspeel dinner, Cries, " open wide — stand off" behind, " Fy John, fy show the winner ; " He goes — he moves — he rides him out " The length of ony tether," Huzzas wi' glee rise round the tee, In cauld, &c.
Page 62 - Auld Daddy Scotland sat ae day, Bare-legged on a snawy brae, His brawny arms wi' cauld were blae, The wind was snelly blawing ; when to him comes the king of gods, rebuking him for his grumbling against the weather : Quo' Jove, and gied his kilt a heeze, ' Fule carle ! what gars you grunt and wheeze, Get up ! I'll get an exercise To het your freezing heart wi'. I'll get a cheery, heartsome game, To send through a...

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