The Lady's Magazine, Or, Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated Solely to Their Use and Amusement, Part 1

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Robinson and Roberts, 1795 - English literature

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Page 109 - I recommend myself to his care; when I awake, I give myself up to his direction. Amidst all the evils that threaten me, I will look up to him for help, and question not but he will either avert them, or turn them to my advantage. Though I know neither the time nor the manner of the death I am to die, I am not at all solicitous about it; because I am sure that he knows them both, and that he will not fail to comfort and support me under them.
Page 73 - ... the once familiar aspect of his native country ; and his surprise was increased by the appearance of a large cross, triumphantly erected over the principal gate of Ephesus. His singular dress and obsolete language confounded the baker, to whom he offered an ancient medal of Decius as the current coin of the empire ; and Jamblichus, on the suspicion of a secret treasure, was dragged before the judge.
Page 516 - Turks' man of war tacked about, and we continued our course. But when your father saw it convenient to retreat, looking upon me, he blessed himself, and snatched me up in his arms, saying, ' Good God, that love can make this change !' and though he seemingly chid me, he would laugh at it as often as he remembered that voyage.
Page 214 - These two incongruous animals spent much of their time together in a lonely orchard, where they saw no creature but each other. By degrees an apparent regard began to take place between these two sequestered individuals.
Page 514 - I thought of, and that it being a fashionable thing would make me more beloved of my husband, if that had been possible, than I was. When my husband returned home from Council, after welcoming him, as...
Page 328 - ... a man with a lighted brand. From the time the woman appeared, to the taking up of the body to convey it into...
Page 545 - For this purpose there was a great hall appropriated to their use, where they always assembled when they were not upon duty. Along the wall bells were ranged in order, one to each apartment, with the number of the chamber marked over it ; so that when any one of them was rung, they had only to turn their eyes to the bell, and see what servant was called.
Page 213 - But a hot sunny season coming on before the brood was half fledged, the reflection of the wall became insupportable, and must inevitably have destroyed the tender young, had not affection suggested an expedient, and prompted the parent birds to hover over the nest all the hotter hours, while, with wings expanded, and mouths gaping for breath, they screened off the heat from their suffering offspring.
Page 603 - She looked on idleness as the great corrupter of human nature ; and believed that if the mind had no employment given it, it would create some of the worst sort to itself...
Page 328 - ... fame. I may add, that thefe motives are greatly ftrengthened by the exemption of this clafs from that infamy with which the, refufal is inevitably branded in their fuperiors. Upon my repairing to the fpot, on the banks of the river, where the ceremony was to take place, T found the body of the man on a bier, and covered with linen, already brought down and laid at the edge of the river.

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