The Last Hundred Yards: The NCO's Contribution to Warfare

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Posterity Press, Mar 1, 1997 - Infantry drill and tactics - 399 pages
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The Last Hundred Yards: The NCOs Contribution to Warfare is not out of print, it is just restricted to active duty or former U.S. military personnel and only obtainable through This boook may appear aimed at enlisted infantrymen, but it has all ranks and military occupational specialties as its target audience. There are no front lines in modern war; the enemy goes after airfields, fuel farms, maintenance facilities, etc. first. This book shows non-infantry commanders how to protect those facilities, and infantry commanders how to attack with fewer Marines those belonging to the enemy enemy (thus saving lives). It reads like action novel but is really a tactics-manual supplement. CMC ALMAR 152/98 put The Last Hundred Yards on the Commandants Current Events Reading List for Winning Wars. It is the product of 10 years of research and experimentation into small-unit infantry tactics by Marine noncommissioned officers attending formal schools on the subject, and it goes far beyond what any U.S. infantry manual can say about the detail of tactical execution the techniques composite to any tactical maneuver. It shows how to execute standard maneuvers with more stealth, speed, and deception hence more surprise and fewer casualties without violating U.S. doctrine! Govt. manuals cover some of the same material, but they do so in much less detail and never in a single source. For these reasons, young Americans do not have ready access to the information. As enemy weapon systems and detection devices become more effective, U.S. infantrymen will have to operate in smaller units. To do so, they will need the skills described herein field skills that enlistees no longer bring from civilian life. The Director for Research and Publication for the Combat Studies Institute at Fort Leavenworth says it deserves to reach its intended audience. The Director of Training at U.S.Army Cadet Command at Fort Monroe says the book is well-conceived, effectively presented, and delivered from an NCO perspective heretofore missing in the literature. He goes on to say that its small-unit tactics are consistent with those in FM 7-8 (Infantry Platoon and Squad). Bruce Gudmundsson (author of Stormtroop Tactics, On Infantry, On Artillery, On Armor) calls this work...the best book on ground tactics published in English in the last 50 years. William S. Lind (author of Maneuver Warfare Handbook) says it ...fills a long-standing void by relating maneuver warfare concepts to techniques.

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