The Law Relating to the Land Tenures of Lower Bengal, Страница 558

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Thacker, Spink and Company, 1876 - 512 страници

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Страница 8 - ... for the houses, the same lands will be re-occupied by the descendants of those who were driven out when the village was depopulated. And it is not a trifling matter that will drive them out ; for they will often maintain their post through times of disturbance and convulsion, and acquire strength sufficient to resist pillage and oppression with success.
Страница 8 - In times of trouble they arm and fortify themselves : an hostile army passes through the country : the village communities collect their cattle within their walls, and let the enemy pass unprovoked.
Страница 379 - That the value of the produce or the productive powers of the land have been increased otherwise than by the agency or at the expense of the ryot.
Страница 7 - The village communities are little republics, having nearly everything they want within themselves, and almost independent of any foreign relations. They seem to last where nothing else lasts.
Страница 316 - If I had to state what for the moment is the greatest change which has come over the people of India and the change which has added most seriously to the difficulty of governing them, I should say it was the growth on all sides of the sense of individual legal right...
Страница 355 - Every ryot, who has cultivated or held land for a period of twelve years, has a right of occupancy. in the land so cultivated or held by him, whether it be held under pottah or not, so long as he pays the rent payable on account of the same...
Страница 262 - ... for settling and establishing, upon principles of moderation and justice, according to the laws and constitution of India, the permanent rules by which their respective tributes, rents, and services shall be in future rendered and paid to the said United Company, by the said rajahs, zemindars, polygars, talookdars, and other native landholders.
Страница 242 - ... and were neither known nor permitted by us ; that honest and direct applications to you will never fail producing speedy and equitable decisions; that after supplying the legal due of Government, he may be secure in the enjoyment of the remainder; and finally to teach him 1 Colebrooke's Supplement, 185.
Страница 317 - The property in the soil has been declared to be vested in the landholders, and the revenue payable to government from each estate has been fixed for ever.
Страница 305 - Governor in Council reserves to himself the option of resuming the whole or part of such allowances or produce of such lands according as he may think proper, in consequence of his having exonerated the proprietors of land from the charge of keeping the peace, and appointed...