The Law Times Reports: Containing All the Cases Argued and Determined in the House of Lords, [etc.[ ; Together with a Selection of Cases of Universal Application Decided in the Superior Courts in Ireland and in Scotland, 133. köide

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Law Times Office, 1925

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Page 397 - All persons may be joined in one action as plaintiffs, in whom any right to relief in respect of or arising out of the same, transaction or scries of transactions is alleged to exist, whether jointly, severally, or in the alternative, where, if such
Page 390 - rentcharges, subject thereto, all the Portman settled estates were by the settlement of 1911 limited to the use of the plaintiff for life with remainder to the use of his eldest son for life with remainder to the use of his first and other sons successively in tail male with remainders over. By a deed poll dated
Page 383 - as applicable to the particular facts proved, or assumed to be proved, since the generality of the expressions which may be found there are not intended to be expositions of the whole law, but governed and qualified by the particular facts of the case in which such expressions are to be found.
Page 63 - does not appear to me to touch the matter in the least ; it merely provides that " no creditor to whom the debtor is indebted in respect of any debt provable in bankruptcy shall have any remedy against the property or person of the debtor in respect of the debt.
Page 75 - and in the course of his employment, notwithstanding that the workman was at the time when the accident happened acting in contravention of any statutory or other regulation applicable to his employment, or of any orders given . by or on behalf of his employers, or that he was acting without instructions from his employer.
Page 25 - does not appear to affect the matter. That section provides that — It shall be lawful for every person to devise, bequeath or dispose of. by his will executed in manner hereinafter required, all real estate and all personal estate, which he shall be entitled to either at law or in equity at the time of his death, and which,.
Page 419 - Any weekly payment may be reviewed at the request either of the employer or of the workman, and on such review may be ended, diminished or increased subject to the maximum above provided "—I have something to say about that presently—" and the amount of payment shall in default of agreement be settled by arbitration under this Act.
Page 178 - county of Gloucester, by the hands of his servant, John William Oakley Robinson, did unlawfully sell to the prejudice of one Jack Bridges, the purchaser, a certain article of food, to wit, milk, which was not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded by the purchaser. On the
Page 322 - 1908, and the plaintiffs thereby covenanted that they would not during such term, without the consent of the defendant first obtained, assign, sublet, or part with the. possession of the demised premises or any part thereof, " such consent not to be withheld unreasonably in the case of a respectable and responsible person or corporation.
Page 317 - three provisos, the second of which is as follows : " The application of this Act to any house or part of a house shall not be excluded by reason only that part of the premises is used as a shop or office, or for business, trade or professional purposes.

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