The Law of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks: As Contained in the Act 46 & 47 Vic. Cap. 57, to Amend and Consolidate the Law Relating to Patents for Inventions, Registration of Designs and Trade Marks ...

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Waterlow Bros., 1883 - Copyright - 173 pages
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Page 18 - means any design applicable to any article of manufacture, or to any substance artificial or natural, or partly artificial and partly natural, whether the design is applicable for the pattern, or for the shape or configuration, or for the ornament thereof, or for any two or more of such purposes, and by whatever means it is applicable, whether by printing, painting, embroidering, weaving, sewing, modelling, casting, embossing, engraving, staining or any other means whatever, manual, mechanical or...
Page 154 - I make the above solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act, 1835.
Page 61 - Court or a judge so certifies, then in any subsequent action for infringement, the plaintiff in that action on obtaining a final order or judgment in his favour shall have his full costs charges and expenses as between solicitor and client, unless the Court or judge trying the action certifies that he ought not to have the same.
Page 103 - Act shall at all convenient times be open to the inspection of the public, subject to the provisions of this Act and to such regulations as may be prescribed ; and certified copies, sealed with the seal of the Patent Office, of any entry in any such register shall be given to any person requiring the same on payment of the prescribed fee.
Page 100 - If any person makes or causes to be made a false entry in any register kept under this act, or a writing falsely purporting to be a copy of an entry in any such register, or produces or tenders or causes to be produced or tendered in evidence any such writing, knowing the entry or writing to be false, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
Page 121 - ... make, use, exercise, and vend the said invention within our United Kindom of Great Britain and Ireland, and Isle of Man, in such manner as to him or them may seem meet, and that the said patentee shall have and enjoy the whole profit and advantage from time to time accruing by reason of the said invention...
Page 60 - ... at any subsequent time, particulars of any objections on which he relies in support thereof.
Page 146 - Where, under these Rules, any person is required to do any act or thing, or to sign any document, or to make any declaration on behalf of himself or of any body corporate, or any document or evidence is required to be produced to or left with the Comptroller, or at the Patent Office, and it is shown to the satisfaction of the Comptroller that from any reasonable cause...
Page 122 - ... whereby to pretend themselves the inventors thereof, without the consent, licence, or agreement of the said patentee in writing under his hand and seal, on pain of incurring such penalties as may be justly inflicted on such offenders for their contempt of this our Royal command, and of being answerable to the patentee according to law for his damages thereby occasioned...
Page 71 - means any manner of new manufacture the subject of letters patent and grant of privilege within section six of the Statute of Monopolies...

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