The Laws of Eleanor

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"THE LAWS OF ELEANOR" unfolds one summer as three women sit at the kitchen table talking and drinking gin, riding in a tow truck all over the mountain, sitting at the table talking and drinking gin, going out to eat greasy restaurant food, sitting at the table talking and drinking gin.

Toby is the tow truck driver, mountain woman, horse trader, whose words are boulders in an unfordable dry riverbed. Eleanor is simply a Kansas transplant, whose words are like tiny stones of Sisyphus rolling hauntingly day after day before Teach, a city woman who is intrigued by their story.

Eleanor encourages Teach to write it down, write it all down. And Teach does-from the mythical 'In the beginning" of how Toby and Eleanor got to the mountain to Teach's own realization of her legacy from Eleanor. 'That's what you left me, isn't it? That's my legacy. That-and something I've come to call the laws of Eleanor."

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