The Leadership of Joseph Smith: The Symbolic Version of the Book of Mormon

AuthorHouse, 18 de maig 2004 - 632 pàgines
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The Leadership of Joseph Smith contains detailed, symbolic interpretations of the Book of Mormon. Symbolic meanings of words are used to describe the flowing action of spirit that increases individual enlightenment and growth for the reader. This book provides a bridge for the reader to walk between the Old Testament and the New Testament with lessons applicable today to oneself. The simple message of this scripture: Let the spirit of God that is coming to you on an individual basis in each moment come through you, otherwise the person is not participating in the creative process to restore the earth.

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As a health care professional, Anthony John Monaco has been interested in the cause of disease at the physical, mental and emotional levels of the individual.  His scientific approach to the cause of illness led him to consider spiritual approaches to health.  He has analyzed many major scriptures of the world and he has written extensively on his interpretation of the original intent of the authors responsible for the various religions of mankind.  One such scripture is the Book of Mormon translated by Joseph Smith, Jr.  Mr. Monaco presents a detailed, scientific  explanation of the symbolism used in this translation.  

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