The Learning University: Towards a New Paradigm?

Society for Research into Higher Education & Open University Press, 1992 - 136 ˹
This book examines the changing role of institutions of higher education within the context of bids made by British universities to the Universities Funding Council for funding, the changed organizational structures of British polytechnics, and the increasing importance of continuing education. Emphasis is on the new role of the university as a center for continuing and lifelong learning. The first chapter examines old assumptions about universities, the new paradigm, and the change process. Chapter 2 considers aspects of the new language of higher education. Chapter 3 discusses mission statements, aims and objectives of universities, especially regarding lifelong learning and continuing/recurring education. Chapter 4 focuses on the new structures and arrangements for incorporating principles of continuing education into established university teaching. The fifth chapter discusses compatibilities and tensions between traditional and new models and the following chapter considers issues of access, quality, accountability, and standards. Chapter 7 is about staff development, seen as "internal continuing education" within each university. The final chapter asks how far changes resulting from university aspirations to provide continuing and lifelong education are likely to go and whether this emerging paradigm is being realized. (Contains approximately 175 references.) (DB)

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