The Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Tom 3

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Strona 174 - Atlanticum impune : me pascunt olivae, 15 me cichorea levesque malvae. frui paratis et valido mihi, Latoe, dones et, precor, Integra cum mente nec turpem senectam degere nec cithara carentem.
Strona 125 - He had the advantage both in learning and, in my opinion, genius : they both agreed in wanting money in spite of all their friends, and would have wanted it, if their hereditary lands had been as extensive as their imagination; yet each of them [was] so formed for happiness, it is pity he was not immortal.
Strona 344 - Each conquest owing to some loose advance ; While vain coquets affect to be pursued, And think they're virtuous, if not grossly lewd: Let this great maxim be my virtue's guide ; In part she is to blame that has been try'd— 'He comes too near, that comes to be deny'd.
Strona 347 - Thy false caresses and undoing smiles ! Ah ! Princess, learn'd in all the courtly arts, To cheat our hopes, and yet to gain our hearts ! ' Large lovely bribes are the great statesman's aim ; And the neglected patriot follows fame.
Strona 381 - Thine is just such an image of his pen, As thou thyself art of the sons of men, Where our own species in burlesque we trace, A sign-post likeness of the human race, That is at once resemblance and disgrace. Horace can laugh, is delicate, is clear, You only coarsely rail, or darkly sneer; His style is elegant, his diction pure, Whilst none thy crabbed numbers can endure; Hard as thy heart, and as thy birth obscure.
Strona 149 - Arabian horse, which he could not know how to manage. I am reading an idle tale, not expecting wit or truth in it, and am very glad it is not metaphysics to puzzle my judgment, or history to mislead my opinion : he fortifies his health by exercise; I calm my cares by oblivion. The methods may appear low to busy people ; but, if he improves his strength and I forget my infirmities, we both attain very desirable ends.
Strona 124 - His happy constitution (even when he had, with great pains, half demolished it) made him forget everything when he was before a venison pasty, or over a flask of champagne; and I am persuaded he has known more happy moments than any prince upon earth. His natural spirits gave him rapture with his cook-maid, and cheerfulness when he was starving in a garret.
Strona 44 - DEAR CHILD — You have given me a great deal of satisfaction by your account of your eldest daughter. I am particularly pleased to hear she is a good arithmetician...
Strona 383 - Charms that might soften superstition's rage, Might humble pride, or thaw the ice of age. But how should'st thou by beauty's force be mov'd, No more for loving made than to be lov'd? It was the equity of righteous Heav'n, That such a soul to such a form was giv'n; And shows the uniformity of fate.
Strona 346 - I've sacrificed both modesty and ease ; Left operas, and went to filthy plays : Double-entendres shock'd my tender ear; Yet even this, for thee, I choose to bear: In glowing youth, when nature bids be gay, And every joy of life before me lay ; By honour prompted, and by pride restrain'd, The pleasures of the young my soul disdain'd: Sermons I sought, and with a mien severe, Censured my neighbours, and said daily prayer.

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