The Life and Teachings of Confucius, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
Cosimo, Inc., 1 באוק׳ 2006 - 352 עמודים
From the disposition of a land's rulers to the behavior of its women, from the existence of God to the value of prayer, Confucius has been a powerful shaper of the moral life and political structures of Asian nations. This classic Western exploration of the philosopher's life and work includes a brief biography of the thinker; a history of his analects, or teachings, from their preservation in ancient China to their discovery by Europeans; and detailed explanations of the analects that reveal the depth and breadth of their wisdom. First published in 1867, this replica of the 1895 seventh edition remains a delightful little guide to the foundational beliefs of Eastern cultures. Scottish scholar JAMES LEGGE (1815-1897) was the first professor of Chinese language and literature at Oxford University, serving from 1876 to 1897. Among his many books are The Religions of China (1880) and the 50-volume Sacred Books of the East (1879-1891). _________________________________ ALSO FROM COSIMO: Legge's A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms

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