The Life of Charles Dickens, 2권

J. B Lippincott & Company, 1873 - 449페이지

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352 페이지 - I loved the man, and do honour his memory (on this side idolatry) as much as any). He was (indeed) honest, and of an open, and free nature: had an excellent fancy; brave notions, and gentle expressions...
352 페이지 - I loved the man, and do honour his memory, on this side idolatry, as much as any. He was (indeed) honest, and of an open and free nature; had an excellent phantasy, brave notions, and gentle expressions; wherein he flowed with that facility, that sometimes it was necessary he should be stopped: Sufflaminandus erat, as Augustus said of Haterius.
96 페이지 - Howe'er it be, it seems to me, 'Tis only noble to be good. Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
466 페이지 - The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger, of Blunderstone Rookery, which he never meant to be published on any account.
47 페이지 - less vividly remember than I do now. And if you tell Browning ' that I have seen it, tell him that I believe from my soul there is ' no man living (and not many dead) who could produce such a
443 페이지 - And, rapt thro' many a rosy change, The twilight died into the dark. "A hundred summers! can it be? And whither goest thou, tell me where? " "O seek my father's court with me, For there are greater wonders there." And o'er the hills, and far away Beyond their utmost purple rim, Beyond the night, across the day, Thro' all the world she follow'd him.
84 페이지 - Mrs. Gamp,' she says, in answer, ' if ever there was a sober creetur to be got at eighteen pence a day for working people, and three and six for gentlefolks — night watching,' " said Mrs. Gamp, with emphasis, " 'being a extra charge — you are that inwallable person.
89 페이지 - Who can listen to objections regarding such a book as this? It seems to me a national benefit, and to every man or woman who reads it a personal kindness. The last two people I heard speak of it were women. Neither knew the other, or the author ; and both said by way of criticism,
242 페이지 - What a work it is likely to turn out ! Let us begin it. CHAPTER II. IT is with Love as with Cuckoldom : but now I am talking of beginning a book, and have long had a thing upon my mind to be imparted to the reader, which, if not imparted now, can never be imparted to him as long as I live (whereas the comparison may be imparted to him...
45 페이지 - And let me here at once remark that the notion of taking Pecksniff for a type of character was really the origin of the book ; the design being to show, more or less by every person introduced, the number and variety of humours and vices that have their root in selfishness.

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