The Life of Sir Anthony Panizzi, K. C. B.: Late Principal Librarian of the British Museum, Senator of Italy, &c., &c, Volume 2

Front Cover
Remington & Company, 1880

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Page 286 - book' shall be construed to mean and include every volume, part or division of a volume, pamphlet, sheet of letter-press, sheet of music, map, chart, or plan separately published...
Page 303 - AH, Constantine, of how much ill was cause, Not thy conversion, but those rich domains That the first wealthy pope received of thee.
Page 106 - ... the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor, and the Speaker of the House of Commons, are termed the Principal Trustees.
Page 285 - ... of the said book, bring them to the Master of the Company of Stationers, and deliver them to him, one whereof shall be delivered to the Keeper of His Majesty's Library, and the other two to be sent to the ViceChancellors of the two Universities respectively for the use of the public libraries of the said Universities.
Page 80 - the original destination of poetry were in every nation of the world to celebrate the glorious actions of heroes, one of the provinces of England, possessing one of the most ancient languages extant, would seem to have surpassed all other countries in the application of the art. All the chivalrous fictions, since spread throughout Europe, appear to have had their birth in Wales.
Page 170 - for the purpose of conferring together upon the means of advancing the prosperity and usefulness of Public Libraries, and for the suggestion and discussion of topics of importance to book collectors and readers.
Page 286 - Publication made for the Use of the Royal Library the Libraries of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge the Libraries of the Four Universities in Scotland the Library of Sion College in London and the Library commonly called the Library belonging to the Faculty of Advocates at Edinburgh respectively...
Page 81 - And Forisene was in her heart aware, That love of her was Oliver's sole care. And because Love not willingly excuses One who is loved, and loveth not again ; (For tyrannous were deem'd the rule he uses, Should they who sue for pity sue in vain ; What gracious lord his faithful liege refuses ?) So when the gentle dame perceived the pain, That well-nigh wrought to death her valiant knight, Her melting heart began his love requite. And from her eyes soft beamed the answering ray, That Oliver's soul-thrilling...
Page 110 - Institution," by instrument under the Great Seal, added the Library of Printed Books and Manuscripts, which had been gradually collected by the Sovereigns of these realms from Henry VII. down to William III.
Page 180 - ... feel unwilling to comply with. The following is the letter in question : — " With reference to Viscount Canning's letter of the 19th of July last, informing you that you were at liberty to prosecute your travels in the Austrian dominions for the purpose of visiting the great libraries of Austria, I am directed by the Earl of Aberdeen to transmit to you a copy of a

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