The Life of Thomas Aquinas: A Dissertation of the Scholastic Philosophy of the Middle Ages. Forming a Portion of the Third Division of The Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, First Published in 1833

Ön Kapak
John J. Griffin, 1848 - 156 sayfa

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Sayfa 129 - ... are needful for them to know are not taught according to the order of the subject-matter, but according as the plan of the book might require, or the occasion of the argument offer ; partly, too, because frequent repetition brought weariness and confusion to the minds of the readers.
Sayfa 85 - His peractis non equidem contempserim Aristotelis Platonisque sententias in unam quodammodo revocare concordiam et in his eos non ut plerique dissentire in omnibus, sed in plerisque quae sunt in philosophia maxime consentire demonstrem (In librum de interpretatione, ed.
Sayfa 13 - If penetration of thought, comprehensiveness of views, exactness the most minute, an ardour of inquiry the most keen, a patience of pursuit the most unwearied, are among the merits of the Philosopher, then may Aquinas dispute even the first place among the candidates for the supremacy in speculative science.

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