The Lincoln Assassination Trial - The Court Transcripts

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This is a transcript of NARA M599 Reels 8-15.

It contains the arguments and summaries as well as the full testimony of each witness. It also contains the testimony of the perjured witnesses. This along with "The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence" and The Lincoln Assassination: The Reward Files" constitute a large majority of the primary evidence of the assassination.


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I'd love to buy this, but Google Books is unusable. I'm logged into my account, and everything seems to be peach keen, but when I try to check by seeing some of this title as a sample, Google books tells me that I don't have my browser set to accept cookies. (I do. It is carrying more cookies than a damned Keebler elf.) 

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The Best Version of the Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Trial Out There
1. This transcription is the most accurate. This transcription was made straight from the microfilmed images of the court’s
official copy of each day’s trial proceedings. The words and testimonies have not been summarized or altered in anyway. The words presented are exactly as they were written by the court’s team of stenographers in 1865.
2. This transcription is the most complete. While publisher Benjamin Perley Poore’s editions of the trial are equally accurate since they were taken from the same source material, they are also incomplete. His fourth and final volume of the trial transcript was never released due to a lack of public interest and low sales of the other volumes. Poore’s editions, therefore, are missing the testimonies of around twenty witnesses. In addition, Poore’s versions lack the closing arguments made by the prosecution and defense attorneys. These missing testimonies and closing arguments are found, in full, in this account.
3. This digitized version of the trial employs four different finding aids and is searchable. This digitized version of the trial makes reading and researching easy. Any part of the trial can be found based on section, NARA reel number, date of testimony, or witness name. Also, by pressing Ctrl+F while reading, you can do a search for any keyword in the entire trial.
Ultimately, if you are looking for a version of the conspiracy trial to purchase, look no further. If you already have a copy of the trial, you also need to get this version. For researching, there is no better version of the trial out there.

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William Edwards co-edited "The Lincoln Assassination: the Evidence" with Edward Steers,jr. He also produced "The Lincoln Assassination: The Reward Files", a transcription of the Applications for Rewards for the apprehension of the Conspirators.

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