The Linwoods: Or, "Sixty Years Since" in America, Volume 2

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Published by Harper & Brothers, 1835
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Page 80 - heart, and then laying herself down, she said, " I wish mother and Eliot could see me now—they would be so satisfied!" Once she raised her head, gazed at the soft mist that was curling up from the water, and seemed intently listening. " I have somewhere read," she said, that " 'Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth, Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.
Page 114 - Some die of weariness, Some of disease, and some insanity, And some of withered or of broken hearts; For this last is a malady which slays More than are numbered in the lists of fate, Taking all shapes, and bearing many names.
Page 35 - He that ruleth his own spirit is greater than he that taketh a city." Eliot saw, as he proceeded in his narrative, that Washington's brow contracted, and that " the angry spot" glowed there ; but he continued to speak with the calmness and manly freedom that suited a man conscious of his own integrity and zealous for his friend, nor did he change, colour
Page 31 - Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life onto the bitter in soul'!
Page 50 - This fierce spirit of liberty is stronger in the English colonies, probably, than in any other people of the
Page 58 - She, the fair sun of all her sex Has bless'd my glorious day; And shall a glimmering planet fix My worship to its
Page 269 - Boy, fill me a bumper—>now join in the chorus, There's happiness still in the prospect before us ; In this sparkling glass all hostility ends, And Britons and we will for ever be friends. Derry down, derry
Page 187 - can untie a true-love's knot ?" " I can sever it," said Isabella, with an emphasis that went to the heart of more than one that heard her. She took a pair of scissors from the table, and cut the knot. The black lock fell on the floor; the pretty tress of Bessie's hair curled around her finger:—
Page 140 - twere to be a judge, And what a prisoner.
Page 167 - forbearance with which they had permitted her to enjoy it. Mrs. Meredith, of course, first entered the carriage ; and while the young ladies were getting in, putting on their cloaks, etc., she wrote on a card and gave to her son the following hint from Metastasio:— " E folle quel nocchiero Che cerca un' altra stella, E non si fida a quella Che in porto lo

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