The Little Girl That Could: A Memoir

Front Cover
This book will lower your excitement about religion but will intensify your pursuit to establish the kingdom here on earth. I never cease to be amazed at how so many who say they are followers of Jesus Christ can believe that Jesus has stopped forgiving, healing, and calling leaders into His vineyards when there is so much to do. This book is here to let everyone know that He (Jesus) has not returned yet, but His power still generates in those who have accepted Him as their Lord and savior and are willing to hold on to the faith. Leadership style does not mean that the agenda is different. Many leaders today are uncomfortable with the presence of another approach to ministry. It calls for us to observe that all the apostles had different styles in approaching situations and difficulties; yet, the ministry of Jesus was their priority alone. Leadership, just as everyone else, will have to make adjustments as long as leading is on the agenda and in process.

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