The Logic of Political Economy, and Other Papers

Ticknor and Fields, 1859 - 387 pagina's

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Pagina 243 - Thus much I should perhaps have said though I were sure I should have spoken only to trees and stones; and had none to cry to, but with the Prophet, O earth, earth, earth!
Pagina 234 - Let not our veneration for Milton forbid us to look with some degree of merriment on great promises and small performance, on the man who hastens home, because his countrymen are contending for their liberty, and, when he reaches the scene of action, vapours away his patriotism in a private boarding-school.
Pagina 95 - IN making labour the foundation of the value of commodities, and the comparative quantity of labour which is necessary to their production, the rule which determines the respective quantities of goods which shall be given in exchange for each other, we must not be supposed to deny the accidental and temporary deviations of the actual or market price of commodities from this, their primary and natural price.
Pagina 120 - ... properly drained and manured, and advantageously divided by hedges, fences and walls, while the other had none of these advantages, more remuneration would naturally be paid for the use of one, than for the use of the other ; yet in both cases this remuneration would be called rent.
Pagina 24 - ... space of ten years to come. One fellow-passenger, whom you will part with before sunset, has a powerful musical snuff-box; knowing by experience the power of such a toy over your own feelings, the magic with which at times it lulls your agitations of mind, you are vehemently desirous to purchase it. In the hour of leaving London you had forgot to do so ; here is a final chance.
Pagina 25 - D was not absent, though inoperative. The inertness of D allowed u to put forth its total effect. The practical compression of D being withdrawn, u springs up like water in a pump when released from the pressure of air.
Pagina 243 - Johnson, with his customary insolence, says, that he kicked when he could strike no longer : more justly it might be said that he held up a solitary hand of protestation on behalf of that cause, now in its expiring struggles, which he had maintained when prosperous ; and that he continued to the last one uniform language, though he now believed resistance to be hopeless, and knew it to be full of peril. That peril was soon realized.
Pagina 231 - Milton, whether as respects his transcendent merit, or the harshness with which his memory has been treated. John Milton was born in London on the 9th day of December, 1608. His father, in early life, had suffered for conscience' sake, having been disinherited upon his abjuring the popish faith. He pursued the laborious profession of a scrivener, and having realized an ample fortune, retired into the country to enjoy it. Educated at Oxford, he gave his son the best education that the age afforded....
Pagina 313 - In the transports of his gratitude, he determined that the fourteen should fire a volley; but this was an event not to be accomplished in a hurry; much forethought and deep premeditation were required ; a considerable
Pagina 320 - Holster, in a dutiful petition to the prince, declared that he had not personated his Serene Highness. On the contrary, he had given himself out both before and after his entry into the town of P for no more than the Count Fitz-Hum ; and it was they, the good people of that town, who had insisted on mistaking him for a prince. If they would kiss his hand, was it for a humble individual of no pretensions whatever arrogantly to refuse? If they would make addresses to him, was it for an inconsiderable...

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