The Logical Solution of the Riddles of Gravity and Einstein's Theory

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Xlibris Corporation, Aug 1, 2006 - Science - 80 pages

In the offered work, unlike the majority of formal theories, the author considers a problem of gravitation with causally consecutive point of view. By logic of researches of known facts and existing theories of this direction, he comes to conclusion about unknown fundamental property of a matter causing the gravitational phenomena. The author's explanation is not difficult to mastering both with causal and quantitative points of view. However, it demands deep changes in accepted beliefs and approaches. On the basis of the offered causal essence of gravitation, the author deduces the law of universal gravitation of Newton; he defines the theoretical value of a gravitational constant and calculates known gravitational effects, with the use of simple mathematical reasoning only. The subsequent results of the offered concept are corresponding with the checked up results of Einstein's general theory of relativity (GTR). However, for planned new experiments, on detection of gravitational waves and gravymagnetic effect, negative results are predicted. The mentioned circumstance may allow judging about value of the offered explanation in a not-far future. Despite of complexities of the studied problem, the book is narrated in a free, polemical style, stipulated for a wide range of readers.

* The picture used on the cover is the Galaxy Andromeda M 31, from site .

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