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Taylor & Francis, 1900 - Physics

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Page 57 - Oftentimes I have observed them to be coming down from the north, imitating slow thunder, until the sound came near or right under, and then there seemed to be a breaking like the noise of a cannon shot, or severe thunder, which shakes the houses and all that is in them. They have in a manner ceased, since the great earthquake. As I remember, there have been but two heard since that time, and those but moderate.
Page 281 - ... one from right to left, and the other from left to right; that from the left, through the liver to the kidney and the testicle, that from the right, to the spleen and kidney and testicle, and from thence to the penis.
Page 100 - I do not see in the mathematical workings of his paper any proof of his conclusion ' that the average kinetic energy corresponding to any one of the variables is the same for every one of the variables of the system.
Page 506 - Complete sets (in Numbers; may be obtained at the following prices:— The First Series, in 20 volumes, from 1838 to 1847.
Page 118 - ... the bar of iron shall of itself become warmer by a degree than the other half; and that the probability of this happening before 1,000,000 years pass is 1000 times as great as that it will happen in the course of 1000 years, and that it certainly will happen in the course of some very long time.
Page 57 - A worthy gentleman about six years since gave the following account of them. ' The awful noises of which Mr. Hosmer gave an account, in his historical minutes; and concerning which you desire further information, continue to the present time. The effects they produce, are various as the intermediate degrees, between the roar of a cannon, and the noise of a pistol. The concussions of the earth, made at the same time, are as much diversified as the sounds in the air. The shock they give to a dwelling...
Page 102 - K are included in the average, the average of the sum of the potential and kinetic energies of A is equal to the average kinetic energy of C. But the potential energy of A at every point in the space HK is positive, because, according to our supposition, the velocity of A is diminished during every time of its motion from H towards K, and increased to the same value again during motion from K to H. Hence, the average kinetic energy of...
Page 244 - Reade's Origin of Mountain-Ranges. 21s. Royal College of Surgeons Calendar. Is. Catalogue of Specimens illustrating the Osteology of Vertebrate Animals in Museum. Part 3. Aves. 12s.
Page 540 - Speculation upon this subject is hampered by the difficulties which attend the Boltzmann-Maxwell doctrine of the partition of energy. According to this doctrine every mode of vibration should be alike favoured ; and although for some reason not yet explained the doctrine fails in general, it seems possible that it may apply to the graver modes.
Page 360 - If it varies with temperature, its variations may be stated in fractions of a volt per degree.5' [By all means.] " On the other hand, thermoelectric EMF depends essentially on difference of temperature '' [the thermoelectric force of a complete metallic circuit does, and not the thermoelectric force at any particular junction ; that depends on the temperature of the junction, and cannot be affected by the temperature somewhere else] "and is essentially to be reckoned per degree ; as, for example,...

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