The Lost Cause Regained

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G.W. Carleton & Company, 1868 - 214 страница
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Страница 76 - States in all respects, framed by a convention of delegates elected by the male citizens of said State, twenty-one years old and upward, of whatever race, color, or previous condition, who have been resident in said State for one year previous to the day of such election, except such as may be disfranchised for participation in the rebellion or for felony at common law...
Страница 187 - That the maintenance inviolate of the rights of the States, and especially the right of each State to order and control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment exclusively...
Страница 65 - My observations lead me to the conclusion that the citizens of the Southern States are anxious to return to self-government, within the Union, as soon as possible; that while reconstructing they want and require protection from the government; that they are in earnest in wishing to do what they think is required by the Government, not humiliating to them as citizens, and that if such a course were pointed out they would pursue it in good faith.
Страница 3 - Yet held it more humane, more heavenly, first By winning words to conquer willing hearts, And make persuasion do the work of fear...
Страница 60 - States, but to defend and maintain the supremacy of the Constitution and to preserve the Union, with all the dignity, equality, and rights of the several States unimpaired; and that as soon as these objects are accomplished the war ought to cease.
Страница 204 - These wards, called townships in New England, are the vital principle of their governments, and have proved themselves the wisest invention ever devised by the wit of man for the perfect exercise of self-government, and for its preservation.
Страница 76 - That no person excluded from the privilege of holding office by said proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States, shall be eligible to election as a member of the convention to frame a constitution for any of said rebel States, nor shall any such person vote for members of such convention.
Страница 70 - No person shall be a senator or representative in Congress, or elector of President or Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or...
Страница 76 - ... and when said state, by a vote of its legislature elected under said constitution, shall have adopted the amendment to the constitution of the United States, proposed by the thirty-ninth congress, and known as article fourteen, and when said article shall have become a part of the constitution of the United States, said state shall be declared entitled to representation in congress...
Страница 81 - Senate; and any orders or instructions relating to military operations issued contrary to the requirements of this section shall be null and void ; and any officer who shall issue orders or instructions contrary to the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor in office ; and any officer of the Army who shall transmit, convey, or obey any orders or • instructions so issued contrary to the provisions of this section, knowing that such orders were so issued, shall be liable...

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