The M Word: (Clearing the Record)

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This book could easily have been entitled "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Masturbation But Were Afraid To Ask." When I was writing this book, I conceived it as both an aid in understanding sexuality as well as an educational manuscript. I viewed it as helpful to both individuals and the broader human community in dealing with a sexual "taboo." "M" is in fact a healthy and morally neutral act which for centuries has been used to heap unreasonable guilt upon people for engaging in a natural action of mankind. Herein, M is treated in a common sense, familiar style, covering most aspects of the subject from definition to description; from cradle to grave; from womb to tomb. It is not intended to be a definitive treatise, but rather an enlightening book for all to comprehend. The M Word places M in a context of sexuality that debunks the myths and misunderstandings surrounding it. The book contains history, stories, analogies, quotations, descriptive passages, and the like. This book teaches us about the human body and the human mind. On reading this book, you will sense that you have been to a place you have seen before but never really understood nor appreciated.

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