The Master of the Offices in the Later Roman and Byzantine Empires

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Page 169 - Bound in cloth. $3.50 net. Parts sold separately in Paper Covers : Part I. THE WASHINGTON MANUSCRIPT OF THE FOUR GOSPELS. With 5 plates. Pp. vii + 247. $2.00 net. Part II. THE WASHINGTON FRAGMENTS OF THE EPISTLES OF PAUL. With 3 plates. Pp. vii,
Page 169 - VOL. IX. THE NEW TESTAMENT MANUSCRIPTS IN THE FREER COLLECTION. By Professor Henry A. Sanders, University of Michigan. With 8 plates showing pages of the Manuscripts in facsimile. Pp. ix
Page 170 - in preparation. THE MENAECHMI OF PLAUTUS. The Latin Text, with a Translation by Joseph H. Drake, University of Michigan. Pp. xi + 130. Paper covers. $0.60 net.
Page 171 - this purpose ever in view, he treats of the development of Greek public law, distinguishing the different types of states as they appear. GREEK AND ROMAN COINS Cloth, $1.50 By GF HILL, MA, of the Department of Coins and Medals in the British Museum. All the information needed bv the beginner in numismatics, or for ordinary reference, is here presented. The condensation necessary to
Page 172 - Ph.D., Sometime Associate Director of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, and formerly Professor of Archaeology and Ancient History in Princeton University. "The plan of the volume is simple and admirable. The first part comprises a historical sketch ; the second, a classification of the monuments."— The Outlook. Illustrated. Cloth, ON SALE WHEREVER BOOKS ARE SOLD THE MACMILLAN COMPANY Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue
Page 169 - FROM MANUSCRIPT FRAGMENTS IN THE FREER COLLECTION AND THE BRITISH MUSEUM. The Coptic Text, with an Introduction and Translation, and with plates showing pages of the
Page 171 - J GREENIDGE, MA, Late Lecturer in Hertford College and Brasenose College, Oxford. Most authors in writing of Greek History emphasize the structure of the constitutions; Mr. Greenidge lays particular stress upon the workings of these constitutions. With
Page 82 - quam summam protinus exactam, sicut iam anterioribus edictis constitutum est, per officium magisteriac dignitatis cursui proficere debere censemus. The formula for the Pretorian Prefect has nothing relative to the upkeep of the cursus publicus (Cass., op. cit., 6, 3,
Page 170 - net. This edition of the Menaechmi was prepared, with stage directions, as a libretto for the presentation of the play at the University of Michigan in 1890. It was revised and republished in 1916.

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