The Meaning of Three: Behind the Mask

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With the gripping style of a mystery novel, this second book, Behind the Mask, in the trilogy, the Meaning of Three, weaves unconventional personal autobiography with transpersonal insight about all of us. The result allows the reader to gain meaningful experiential understanding of transforming the dark side of human experience into light. Sela-Smith ventures into the unimaginable darkness of her childhood, as well as into past lives and alternate realities, as she investigates secrets hidden behind her mask and in the process touches on what is hidden behind the masks of every human. Through the stories of her life, she presents truths that impact us all, and through personal journeys and healing processes, she provides a path for readers to find a way to their own healing. As much as it is about the author's healing, this book is about human growth and healing, as well, and the discovery and expansion of understanding and acceptance of the mystical essence that resides in all of us. Reading this book is an experience; it is a teaching tale, a set of tales, which trigger deep and endless healing chains in you, written from the unique perspective of a wounded healer.

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