The Mechanic's Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal and Gazette, Band 37

Robertson, 1842

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Seite 371 - The Committee on Science and the Arts constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination a Solar Compass, invented by WM.
Seite 590 - ... any new and original design for a bust, statue, or bas relief or composition in alto or basso relievo, or any new and original impression or ornament, or to be placed on any article of manufacture, the same being formed in marble or other material, or any new and useful pattern...
Seite 376 - An account of the waste or increase of the Land on any part of the coast of Great Britain, the nature of the Soil, the direction of the Tides, Currents, Rivers, Estuaries, &c., with the means adopted for retarding or preventing the waste of the land.
Seite 498 - When no unguent is interposed, the friction of any two surfaces (whether of quiescence or of motion) is directly proportional to the force with which they are pressed perpendicularly together ; so that for any two given surfaces of contact there is a constant ratio of the friction to the perpendicular pressure of the one surface upon the other.
Seite 468 - ... 2. On repeating this simple experiment, I find that it is necessary for the production of a good effect to use dissimilar metals ; for instance, a piece of gold or platina on a plate of copper or of silver will make a very decided image, whereas copper or silver on their respective plates...
Seite 343 - We are of opinion that if the result produced by such a combination is either a new article, or a better article, or a cheaper article to the public, than that produced before by the old method, that such combination is an invention or manufacture intended by the statute, and may well become the subject of a patent.
Seite 470 - I feel convinced that we have to do with some thermic influence, and that it will eventually be found that some purely calorific excitement produces a molecular change, or that a thermo-electric action is induced which effects some change in the polarities of the ultimate atoms of the solid.
Seite 349 - ... to the health. But as it approaches the metropolis, it becomes loaded with a quantity of filth, which renders it disgusting to the senses, and improper to be employed in the preparation of food.
Seite 590 - ... manufacture, not known or used by others before his, her, or their invention or production thereof, and prior to the time of his, her, or their application for a patent therefor, and who shall desire to obtain an exclusive property or right therein to make, use, (and sell) and vend the same, or copies of the same, to others, by them to be made, used, and sold, may make application in writing, to the Commissioner of Patents, expressing such desire : and the Commissioner, on due proceedings had,...
Seite 470 - Magazine for October 1840, I mentioned some instances in which I had copied printed paper and engravings on iodized paper by mere contact and exposure to the influence of calorific rays, or to artificial heat. I then, speculating on the probability of our being enabled by some such process as the one I then named, to copy pictures and the like, proposed the name of THERMOGRAPHY, to distinguish it from Photography.

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