Medico-pharmaceutical Critic and Guide, Količina 5

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William Josephus Robinson
Critic and Guide Company, 1905

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Stran 5 - The golden age of English oratory, which extends over the last quarter of the eighteenth and the first quarter of the nineteenth centuries, produced no speaker, either in Parliament or at the Bar, superior in persuasive force and artistic finish to Thomas Lord Erskine.
Stran 261 - Full many a man both young and old Has gone to his sarcophagus By pouring water icy cold Adown his hot esophagus.
Stran 154 - Labels on articles containing "heroic" or "poisonous" substances should show the amounts of each of such ingredients in a given quantity of the product. Rule 8. — Every article should have a name or title indicative of its chemical composition or pharmaceutic character, in addition to its trade name, when such trade name is not sufficiently descriptive. Rule 9. — If the name of an article is registered, or the label copyrighted, the date of registration should be furnished the Council. Rule 10....
Stran 35 - Moreover, it does not seem to produce the undesirable systematic depression often resulting from the older bromides. Although my patient has been taking Brometone day after day for over a year, he has not been afflicted with skin rashes or any other indications of bromism. Furthermore, he has not had an attack for sixteen months, has gained in weight, improved in appearance and takes a more cheerful view of the future. " From my experience with it I am inclined to believe that Brometone will prove...
Stran 44 - ... was cured of baldness. This advertisement appeared in a monthly which makes great claims for the purity of its pages and the responsibility of its advertisers. " FALLING HAIR AND BALDNESS CAN BE RELIEVED. There is one way to tell the reason of baldness and falling hair, and that is by a microscopic examination of the hair itself. The particular disease with which your scalp is afflicted must be known before it can be intelligently treated. " Send a few fallen hairs from your combings to Prof....
Stran 174 - ... relation between the circumference of the flaccid penis and the caliber of the urethra was a good, practical working rule.
Stran 154 - Rule 2: Identification In order to avoid errors in the case of chemical compounds, and to guard against adulterations, lack of potency or strength, and the mistaking of one chemical for another, it is necessary to have at hand suitable tests. Tests, etc. — If these...
Stran 156 - For the information of the pharmacist or dispenser, and to enable him to safeguard the interests of the patient and the physician, all articles containing such potent agents as the poisonous alkaloids and other organic substances and the salts of some of the metals, should have the exact amount of these ingredients which is contained in the average adult dose stated on the label. Bule 8. — OBJECTIONABLE NAMES. — Many of the abuses connected with proprietary medicines are intimately associated...

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