The Medical Summary: A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine, New Preparations, Volume 17

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R. H. Andrews
1895 - Medicine
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Edited by R.H. Andrews.

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Page 140 - Secrecy and delicacy, when required by peculiar circumstances, should be strictly observed; and the familiar and confidential intercourse to whicli physicians are admitted in their professional visits, should be used with discretion, and with the most scrupulous regard to fidelity and honor.
Page 131 - Its course corresponds to a line drawn from a point midway between the anterior superior spine of the ilium and the symphysis pubis, to the inner side of the inner condyle of the femur.
Page 159 - ... months old. The case which was presented showed the advantages of only taking part of the tendon of a healthy muscle which was made to carry on the function of its paralyzed associate, without in any way interfering with its own work. The brace, which had been worn since two years of age, was left off, the patient walked without a limp, the talipes valgus was entirely corrected and the boy had become quite an expert on roller skates. Dr. Milliken predicts a great field for Tendon Grafting in...
Page 97 - ... bacillus, many a cough was allowed to continue without treatment, and the real difficulty not suspected until a sharp hemorrhage or a hectic fever revealed the true situation. Only a few months ago diphtheria patients walked the streets with a simple sore throat, while cases of foHicular tonsillitis were carefully treated as diphtheritic in character. Nearly all of us were taught that malaria was an earth-born poison which filled the air with '
Page 165 - Professor of Materia Medica, Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine, and Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Skin in the Medico-Chirurgical College of Philadelphia; Physician to the Medico-Chirurgical Hospital...
Page 84 - There is another remedy which must occur to the mind of every well posted physician as especially applicable to these conditions. The power of antikamnia to reduce fever and thus control inflammation makes it one of the best preventive and curative agents. The combination of two such clearly defined remedies for respiratory affections is most fortunate. They are prepared in the form of "Antikamnia and Codeine Tablets.
Page 59 - ... tribunal of the public. Without asperity, without petulance or disrespect, I propose to publish the second letter, and to answer or submit to argument. The necessity of taking this step will indeed give me pain, for I well know that differences between the advocates are of no service to the cause. But the lives of the best of us are spent in choosing between evils.
Page 55 - It is claimed by some prominent specialists in nervous diseases that the Sodium Salt is more acceptable to the stomach than the Bromide Potassium. An almost certain relief is given by the administration of this Effervescing Salt. It is also used with advantage in INDIGESTION, DBPBESSION following alcoholic and other excesses, as well as NERVOUS HEADACHE.
Page 72 - ... law to successfully resist the entrance of every form of organism. The products of organic action alone are able to pass into the blood. If sufficient quantities of pure water, of a suitable temperature, are introduced into the body through the natural channels, it is- actually possible to wash morbid products as well as organic forms of life, out of the human body. The mouth gives entrance to the causative germs in Asiatic cholera.
Page 46 - ... to be administered hypodermically. Their indication is too well known and they are about all we need. No antipyretics should be given. If the fever is very high and if the irrigation of the bowels does not reduce it, the whole body should be washed with alcohol. The diet for the next twenty-four hours should be very light indeed. Sweet, strong Russian tea is all I allow. Each individual case will teach us when food can be allowed again. Since the adoption of this mode of treatment I have met...

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