The Medical Clinics of North America, Volume 4

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Saunders., 1921 - Clinical medicine
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Page 1911 - that, as a rule, men of average height, made up of a long trunk and comparatively short lower extremities, possess greater power to endure with impunity great labor and exposure to vicissitudes of all kinds than men who have comparatively long lower limbs and short trunk.
Page 1860 - Carter, EP: Clinical Observations on Defective Conduction in the Branches of the Auriculoventricular Bundle. Arch. Int. Med., 1914, xiii, 803.
Page 1728 - amounted to 2.4 per cent., and in the blood to 0.36 per cent. After four days of undernutrition, during which the total calories consumed amounted to less than 900, followed by two days of fasting, the patient failed to become
Page 1663 - vital capacity. The cause of the decrease in the vital capacity of the lungs in heart disease
Page 1860 - Robinson, GC: The Significance of Abnormalities in the Form of the Electrocardiogram. Arch. Int. Med., 1919, xxiv,
Page 1729 - Upon the following morning the patient became irrational, disoriented, but an hour afterward again apparently normal, and was able to sit up and even walked around. Physical examination was negative. The
Page 1693 - 1 From the Medical Clinic of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Mass.
Page 1860 - Wedd, AM: The Clinical Significance of Slight Notching of the R Wave of the Electrocardiogram. Arch. Int. Med., 1919, xxiii,
Page 1908 - The more he ate, the thinner and stronger he became. He played on the baseball team and was apparently in tip-top health. We decided that he was one of the "naturally thin
Page 1869 - Clinical signs which indicate the presence of organic changes in the nervous system have also been frequently observed, so that the disease cannot any longer be classified among those of functional origin, but

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