The Memoir of 1603 and the Diary of 1616-1619

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Broadview Press, 03‏/11‏/2006 - 278 من الصفحات
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Anne Clifford’s memoir for the year 1603 and her diary of 1616-1619 are invaluable records of the daily life and social and family relationships of a noblewoman of her time. In them she records her travels, her reading, her religious observances, her relationships with her mother, her husband, and her child, and the progress—or lack thereof—of her legal efforts to obtain what she viewed as her inheritance, extensive estates in the north of England. The two texts offer a unique view of the life, feelings, experience, and self-fashioning of this extraordinary woman, and they bring to life the history and literary culture of the period in a refreshing and direct way.

This Broadview edition includes an illuminating introduction that places these texts in their historical and literary context. The appendices include poems dedicated and addressed to Clifford, her funeral sermon, and the “Great Picture” of the Clifford family.


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A Brief Chronology
A Note on the Text
The Memoir of 1603
The Diary of 16161619
Aemilia Lanyer To the Lady Anne Countess of Dorset and The Description of Cookeham
Anthony StaffordTothe Admired Lady Anne Countess of Dorset dedication to the second part of Staffords Niobe or His Age ofTears 1611
The Great Picture of the Clifford Family attributed to Jan van Belcamp 161053 dated 1646
From Anne Clifford A Summary of the Records and aTrue Memorial of the Life of Me the Lady Anne Clifford 1652
From Edward Rainbow Bishop of Carlisle A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of the Right Honourable Anne
Works Cited
Index of Names in The Memoir and The Diary
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