The Messenger

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AuthorHouse, Jun 8, 2005 - Biography & Autobiography - 212 pages

Year after year we are witnesses of how the weather

often and often plays tricks and makes more and more

disasters on our globe. The daily news about:

hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, act. are the next

example about. Plus, more frequently, the new, unknown

diseases - bacteria’s! Two, three years ago nobody

ever heard about bird flu! Now from just this reason,

last winter we did kill those millions, millions!

…What is the reason of this? Read "The Messenger".

Read the science chapter; "On the Revolutions of

Spaces Bodies" from this book. After finishing it, you

will be shocked - you will know that, what you never

heard before, what you never even imagined, and what

proves to be going towards the truth. The hypotheses

presenting there; "On the Revolutions of Spaces

Bodies" and "My Name is Atlantis" are closer be true

reality then any other hypothesis ever has before!

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About the author (2005)

This book “The Messenger” was came into existence from authentic event what happen to me, to myself. It is something in kind of stories – a touch of the unknown. I was ill with lung problem. The medicines that were supposed to help did not relieve the pain. I endured over year of suffering and endless sleepless nights. I was advised to have an operation, but I was afraid. I knew that in this kind of operation it cannot too much help and more do harm. So, better last in pain, but be by life. One day, I came across a magazine in which I found an article about the miraculous powers that would affect one inside a pyramid. As I was desperate for my health, I took advantage of that, I started build one small for personal use. For that I used sheets of particleboard which to connect them I did use wood glue and special glued tape – without use any nail, any metal. That I lived alone in not to big apartment I could fold it up for the day and slide the boards behind a bookshelf. In the evenings, I would pull it out, set it up and sit in it for an hour. After one month continuing it day by day my pain was little diminished. By full hope I did incessant and patient made that activity operation. Pass three months and astonished pain considerably decline. In period next two moths it was entirely gone. I did, however continue my experiment. I was afraid, then when I stop it, the pain will come back. …And then happen I fell asleep inside the pyramid. After spending eight hours in it, I came out with a headache that lasted for about twenty-four hours and couldn’t be eased by any pain pills. “Probably that is result insufficiency afflux oxygen to my brain,” I kept though in my mind. So since that time I have been placing close pyramid the clock on a tin base in order to amplify its sound. And hard to believe, week not past and it happen to me back.



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