The Method of Evolution: A Review of the Present Attitude of Science Toward the Question of the Laws and Forces which Have Brought about the Origin of Species

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Putnam, 1900 - Evolution - 408 pages

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Page 414 - The Reproduction of Living Beings. By Professor MARCUS HARTOG, Queen's College, Cork. Man and the Higher Apes. By Dr. A. KEITH, FRCS Heredity. By J. ARTHUR THOMPSON, School of Medicine, Edinburgh. Life Areas of North America: A Study in the Distribution of Animals and Plants. By Dr. C. HART MERRIAM, Chief of the Biological Survey, US Department of Agriculture. Age, Growth, Sex, and Death. By Professor CHARLES S. MINOT, Harvard Medical School. History of Botany. By Professor AH GREEN. Planetary Motion....
Page 413 - The results of modern science are of use in nearly every profession and calling, and are an essential part of modern education and culture. A series of scientific books, such as has been planned, should be assured of a wide circulation, and should contribute greatly to the advance and diffusion of scientific knowledge. The volumes will be in octavo form, and will be fully illustrated in so far as the subject-matter calls for illustrations. GP PUTNAM'S SONS, NEW YORK & LONDON EDITED BY J.
Page 413 - Columbia University, with the cooperation of FRANK EVERS BEDDARD, FRS, in Great Britain. Each volume of the series will treat some department of science with reference to the most recent advances, and will be contributed by an author of acknowledged authority. Every effort will be made to maintain the standard set by the first volumes, until the series shall represent the more important aspects of contemporary science. The advance of science has been so rapid, and its place in modern life has become...
Page v - The Method of Evolution, A Review of the Present Attitude of Science toward the Question of the Laws and Forces which have brought about the Origin of Species, 1900 : pp.
Page 414 - USN, Nautical Almanac Office, and Johns Hopkins University. Meteors and Comets. By Professor CA YOUNG, Princeton University. The Measurement of the Earth. By Professor TC MENDENHALL, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, formerly Superintendent of the US Coast and Geodetic Survey.
Page 76 - ... survival of the fittest, and of these that are thus killed doubtless some are superior to those that survive. This principle of indiscriminate elimination does not in the slightest deny the force of the principle of survival of the fittest, but only indicates that its action is not absolutely rigid. The fittest do not always survive, for many of them are destroyed.
Page iv - There have been so many volumes upon evolution that an ordinary reader may be inclined to overlook this of Professor Conn. We warn him, however, that in so doing he is sure to miss a rare contribution. It is just the thing to set a layman right and is thoroughly judicial. It sets down the general trend of thinkers as to evolution and Darwinism, finding limits to both and marking their usefulness when properly employed.
Page 213 - ... Walter also predicts that the key to this whole problem will be furnished by the chemist, and that the final analysis of the matter of the " heritage carriers " will be seen to be chemical rather than morphological in nature. In the practical application of this theory to human conservation or eugenics, it would follow that the only control that a man has over the inheritance of his children is in selecting his wife. Professor Walter holds, if only modifications of the germ plasm can count in...
Page 414 - The Groundwork of Science. A Study of Epistemology. By ST. GEORGE MIVART, FRS 8, $1.75.
Page iv - ... LIVING WORLD Whence it Came and Whither it is Drifting. A review of the speculations concerning the origin and significance of life and of the facts known in regard to its development, with suggestions as to the direction in which the development is now tending. Illustrated. Octavo, cloth, $1.25 " The lucid style, clear descriptions, and logical reasoning make his chapters highly satisfactory reading to the student who desires to learn the latest results of scientific research in this direction."...

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