The Middle East and the Peace Process: The Impact of the Oslo Accords

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Robert Owen Freedman
University Press of Florida, 1998 - History - 435 pages

"A comprehensive and fresh review of relatively recent political events in the Middle East."--Jerrold D. Green, director, Greater Middle East Studies Center at Rand

These essays analyze the impact of the Middle East peace process since 1993 on the countries most affected by it--Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Egypt, and Syria--and on the domestic politics and foreign policies of Turkey and the countries of the Persian Gulf and North Africa. The contributors, all international experts in their fields, also examine policies of the United States and Russia both as they affect the peace process and as the two countries pursue other interests in the Middle East.

Part I. The Arab-Israeli Core Area
Domestic Determinants of Israeli Foreign Policy: The Peace Process from the Declaration of Principles to the Oslo II Interim Agreement, by Myron J. Aronoff and Yael S. Aronoff
Netanyahu and Peace: From Sound Bites to Sound Policies? by Mark Rosenblum
Palestinian and Other Arab Perspectives on the Peace Process, by Muhammad Muslih
The Transformation of Jordan, 19911995, by Adam Garfinkle
Syria and the Transition to Peace, by Raymond A. Hinnebusch
Egypt at the Crossroads: Domestic, Economic, and Political Stagnation and Foreign Policy Constraints, by Louis J. Cantori

Part II. Turkey and the Gulf States
Turkey and the Middle East after Oslo I, by George E. Gruen
Iraq after the Gulf War: The Fallen Idol, by Phoebe Marr
Iran since the Gulf War, by Shaul Bakhash
The Arabian Peninsula, by F. Gregory Gause III

Part III. North Africa
North Africa in the Nineties: Moving toward Stability? by Mary Jane Deeb
The Sudan: Militancy and Isolation, by Ann Mosely Lesch

Part IV. The Role of External Powers
U.S. Middle East Policy in the 1990s, by Don Peretz
Russia and the Middle East under Yeltsin, by Robert O. Freedman

Robert O. Freedman is president and Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone Professor of Political Science at Baltimore Hebrew University. He is the author or editor of numerous books on the Middle East, among them The Middle East after the Iraqi Invasion (UPF, 1991) and Israel under Rabin.

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