The Military [afterw.] Royal military panorama or Officer's companion, Band 4

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Seite 134 - Let him follow me ! By oppression's woes and pains ! By your sons in servile chains ! We will drain our dearest veins, But they shall be free ! Lay the proud usurpers low ! Tyrants fall in every foe ! Liberty's in every blow ! Let us do, or die 1 So may God ever defend the cause of Truth and Liberty, as He did that day ! — Amen.
Seite 146 - Venice agreed to give as a ransom, to secure itself against all farther exactions or demands, the sum of three millions of livres in money, the value of three millions more in articles of naval supply, and three ships of the line ; and it received in return the assurances of the friendship and support of the French republic. Immediately after the signature of this treaty, the arsenal, the library, and the Palace of St. Marc, were ransacked and plundered, and heavy additional contributions were imposed...
Seite 148 - Jacobin has abjured; every thing that a sincere and faithful royalist must feel as an insult. If he is opposed at any time in his career, what is his appeal? He appeals to his fortune; in other words, to his army and his sword. Placing, then, his whole reliance upon military support, can he afford to let his military renown pass away, to let his laurels wither, to let the memory of his...
Seite 134 - Wha will be a traitor knave? Wha can fill a coward's grave? Wha sae base as be a slave? Let him turn and flee! Wha for Scotland's king and law Freedom's sword will strongly draw, Freeman stand, or freeman fa?
Seite 148 - That he has an interest in making peace is at best but a doubtful proposition, and that he has an interest in preserving it is still more uncertain. That it is his interest to negotiate, I do not indeed deny. It is his interest, above all, to engage this country in separate negotiation, in order to loosen and dissolve the whole system of the confederacy on the continent, to palsy at once the arms of Russia, or of Austria, or of any other country that might look to you for support; and then either...
Seite 147 - The intercepted correspondence, which has been alluded to in this debate, seems to afford the strongest ground to believe that his offers to the Turkish government to evacuate Egypt were made solely with a view
Seite 270 - Royal licence and permission, that he may accept and wear the insignia of a Knight of the Royal Portuguese Military Order of the Tower and Sword...
Seite 401 - Abundance, and an easy Communication preserved with the Fleet. In the Night of the 8th, a feeble Attempt was made by the Enemy, to cut off a small Guard I had sent for the Security of the Place, but the Troops of the Advance had, unknown to them, reinforced the Party early .in the Evening, and the Attack was repulsed. The Advance under Colonel Gillespie occupied the City on the 9th. Very early on the Morning of the 10th, I directed...
Seite 147 - He expressly enjoins his successor strongly and steadily to insist, in all his intercourse with the Turks, that he came to Egypt with no hostile design, and that he never meant to keep possession of the country ; while, on the opposite page of the same instructions, he states in the most unequivocal manner his regret at the discomfiture of his favorite project of colonizing Egypt, and of maintaining it as a territorial acquisition.
Seite 290 - Stewart, should attack in front. — Those troops made a most gallant attack upon the enemy's position, which was remarkably strong, but which was carried without very considerable loss. Much of the day had elapsed before the attack could be commenced, and the action lasted till after dark, the enemy having made repeated attempts to regain the position, particularly in two attacks, which were most gallantly received and repulsed by 'the 39th regiment, under the command of the Honourable Colonel O'Callaghan,...

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