The Mining and Smelting Magazine, Band 1

The Office, 1862

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Seite 29 - PENROSE'S (FC) Principles of Athenian Architecture, and the Optical Refinements exhibited in the Construction of the Ancient Buildings at Athens, from a Survey. With 40 Plates. Folio. 61. 5s. PERCY'S (Jons, MD) Metallurgy of Iron and Steel ; or, the Art of Extracting Metals from their Ores and adapting them to various purposes of Manufacture. Illustrations. Svo. 42s. PHILLIPP (CHARLES SPENCER MARCH) On Jurisprudence. Svo. 12s. PHILLIPS' (JOHN) Memoirs of William Smith, the Geologist.
Seite 123 - HULL— COAL FIELDS of GREAT BRITAIN ; their History, Structure, and Resources ; with Notices of the Coal Fields of other parts of the World. By EDWARD HULL, MA, FRS, Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland, Professor of Geology in the Royal College of Science, Dublin, &c.
Seite 40 - ... the Glossary professes to give information upon every known mineral substance, and this information is as complete as the present state of our knowledge will allow. . . . The Author's task has been ably executed, and his work will be much in request." LANCET. " THERE has been hitherto no work in English at all answering to this 'Glossary' of Mr. BRISTOW. It is a Dictionary of Mineralogy of the most complete kind, and yet in the most portable form, and must become a sine qua non to every practical...
Seite 182 - I gladly avail myself of the present opportunity to offer it to yon, as nearly as possible, in his own words : — " An immense number of consequences may be logically derived from the following proposition, the proof of which I shall furnish presently, viz. :- — That all igneous rocks, modern and ancient, were produced by two Magmas, which coexist below the solid crust of the globe, and occupy there each a definite position.
Seite 253 - Sweden, and North America.” By AC Ramsay, FRS, President of the Geological Society. The author first stated that in this memoir he proposed to extend his theory of the glacial origin of the smaller mountain-lakes of Wales and Switzerland (published in • The Old Glaciers of North Wales ‘) to those greater lakes of Switzerland which, like the tame above alluded to, lie in true rock-basins.
Seite 175 - Copper is found in sundry places, but with what gain to the searchers, I have not been curious to inquire, nor they hasty to reveal : for at one time (of which I took a view) the ore was shipped to be refined in Wales, either to save cost in fuel or to conceal the profit.
Seite 186 - ... which rocks, originally fused, and when in liquid fusion, poured into veins and dykes in pre-existing rocks, are subsequently altered in specific gravity and arrangement of minerals, by the action of water acting at temperatures which, though still high, would be quite inadequate to fuse the rock ; and pyro-metamorphism, by which rocks originally stratified by mechanical deposition from water, come to be subsequently acted on by heat, and so transformed into what are commonly called the metamorphic...
Seite 391 - Mountains, in about 53° north latitude, 118° 40' west longitude. Thence this branch flows for 290 miles to Fort George, a post of the Hudson's Bay Company. The north branch rises in an opposite direction. It receives its supply from a series of lakes lying between 54° and 55° of north latitude, longitude about 124° 50' west, and runs a course of 260 miles to its junction with the south branch, some miles below the 54th parallel of north latitude. Here the union of the two branches forms the...
Seite 80 - America for her gas works, and it will be a singular freak of events if she and Canada should now supply us with a better expedient. The merits of the petroleum will be better understood when importers are informed that, besides the uses already named, lubricating oils of every colour and specific gravity can be obtained from it ; wax also, for the manufacture of...
Seite 186 - ... acquainted with two rocks in which this condition has been fulfilled, by the separation of the quartz in the form of double hexagonal pyramids. These two rocks are — the felspar porphyry of Forkhill, in the county of Armagh, and the granite of Slieve Corragh, in the county of Down. The prophyry of Forkhill would be pronounced by any geologist to be a metamorphic slate, and not a fused rock, and yet it fulfils Fuchs' condition of igneous fusion, by the apparent order of crystallization of its...

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