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Page 112 - The word VALUE, it is to be observed, has two different meanings, and sometimes expresses the utility of some particular object, and sometimes the power of purchasing other goods which the possession of that object conveys. The one may be called ' value in use;' the other, * value in exchange.
Page 428 - And yet, on the other hand, unless wariness be used, as good almost kill a man as kill a good book. Who kills a man kills a reasonable creature, God's image ; but he who destroys a good book, kills reason itself; kills the image of God, as it were, in the eye. Many a man lives a burden to the earth ; but a good book is the precious life-blood of a master-spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life.
Page 250 - ... obtained, or if dead, of the guardian or guardians of the person of the party so under age, lawfully appointed, or one of them ; and in case there shall be no such guardian or guardians, then of the mother (if living and unmarried) or if there shall be no mother living and unmarried, then of a guardian or guardians of the person appointed by the court of Chancery; shall be absolutely null and void to all intents and purposes whatsoever.
Page 428 - Dragon's teeth; and being sown up and down, may chance to spring up armed men. And yet on the other hand, unless wariness be used, as good almost kill a man as kill a good book. Who kills a man, kills a reasonable creature. God's image ; but he who destroys a good book kills reason itself ; killfe the image of God, as it were in the eye.
Page 256 - Tables of Logarithms of all Numbers, from 1 to 101000, and of the Sines and Tangents to every Second of the Quadrant...
Page 22 - David will I lay upon his shoulder ; so he shall open, and none shall shut ; and he shall shut, and none shall open.
Page 428 - For this is not the liberty which we can hope, that no grievance ever should arise in the commonwealth, that let no man in this world expect; but when complaints are freely heard, deeply considered, and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained that wise men look for.
Page 551 - ... every suspected person or reputed thief, frequenting any river, canal, or navigable stream, dock, or basin, or any quay, wharf, or warehouse near or adjoining thereto, or any street, highway, or avenue leading thereto, or any place of public resort, or any avenue leading thereto, or any street, highway, or place adjacent, with intent to commit felony...
Page 247 - ... our Ally the British nation. It has been usual to make an annual attack upon the sultan of Johanna and the Comoro islands. Our good friend the Governor of Mauritius dissolved the meditated attack of last year ; and we now join with him in forbidding any further enmity to the King or inhabitants of the Comoro Archipelago, or other islands on the coast of Africa or north Archipelago, under the pain of our most severe displeasure, and of incurring the punishment due to pirates, of whatever nation...
Page 205 - As by their choice collections may appear, Of what is rare, in land, in sea in air ; Whilst they (as Homer's Iliad in a nut) A world of wonders in one closet shut ; These famous Antiquarians that had been Both...

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