The Morality of a U.S. Preemptive Strike on Iran's Nuclear Program: A Just War Analysis

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Georgetown University, 2008 - 127 pages
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This case study revealed the just war theory is beginning to change in light of the post-9-11 world and in the aftermath of United States' first test of preemption, the 2003 invasion of Iraq. While the United States may be militarily capable in striking Iranian nuclear facilities, the quality and value of vital intelligence will remain the greatest challenge to success. The United States would be wise to bolster its diplomatic efforts with Iran in order to provide Iran with a credible threat, most likely through stronger sanctions and further isolation, in order to properly gauge when the U.S. would be left with no other option than a military strike. War most certainly should not be the United States' first policy reflex, but should be left on the table as an option to counter the threat posed by Iran's nuclear program.

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