The More Excellent Way: 2000 Years of Jesus' New Way of Life

Crucifer Press, 2006 - 527 sider
This book investigates why, unlike in the early centuries, the ethical behavior of Christians today is so little different from that of non-Christians. It does this by first reviewing the teachings of Jesus about how Christians are to live and the positive response of early Christians to these teachings. The major portion of the book then documents how the rise of asceticism and the proliferation of church law came to eclipse Jesus' teachings of serving others through unselfish love. It reviews how Chrysostom, Augustine, Luther, and others tried to return the church to the New Testament way of life. The book reaches two conclusions: Christians today prefer to live by only avoiding the gross evils forbidden by the Ten Commandments rather than by Jesus' all-inclusive New Commandment of loving one another as he loved us. They are also willing to offer God the piety of churchly activity, but what God also asks, a life of goodness serving one's fellowman, they feel is just asking too much.


To Walk with God
Christs Way of Life in Hebrews James and Peter
The Early Growth of Asceticism and Church Law
Church Law
Luther and the Return to Jesus Way of Life
Luther and the Return to Christian Freedom
John Calvin and the Christian Ethic
Jesus Way of Life in the World Today
Appendix One

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