The Musical World, 40. kötet

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J. Alfredo Novello, 1862

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263. oldal - O ye, the wise who think, the wise who reign, From growing commerce loose her latest chain, And let the fair white-wing'd peacemaker fly To happy havens under all the sky, And mix the seasons and the golden hours ; Till each man find his own in all men's good, And all men work in noble brotherhood...
115. oldal - The negligently grand, the fruitful bloom Of coming ripeness, the white city's sheen, The rolling stream, the precipice's gloom, The forest's growth, and Gothic walls between, The wild rocks shaped as they had turrets been, In mockery of man's art ; and these withal A race of faces happy as the scene, Whose fertile bounties here extend to all, Still springing o'er thy banks, though Empires near them fall.
263. oldal - West and East, And shapes and hues of Part divine! All of beauty, all of use, That one fair planet can produce. Brought from under every star, Blown from over every main, And mixt, as life is mixt with pain, The works of peace with works of war.
263. oldal - The world-compelling plan was thine, And, lo ! the long laborious miles Of palace; lo! the giant aisles, Rich in model and design; Harvest-tool and husbandry, Loom and wheel and engin'ry.
193. oldal - In a drear-nighted December, Too happy, happy brook. Thy bubblings ne'er remember Apollo's summer look ; But with a sweet forgetting They stay their crystal fretting, Never, never petting About the frozen time. Ah ! would 'twere so with many A gentle girl and boy ! But were there ever any Writhed not at passed joy ? To know the change and feel it, When there is none to heal it Nor numbed sense to steal it — Was never said in rhyme.
19. oldal - He is gone on the mountain, He is lost to the forest, Like a summer-dried fountain, When our need was the sorest. The font reappearing, From the rain-drops shall borrow, But to us comes no cheering, To Duncan no morrow ! The hand of the reaper Takes the ears that are hoary, But the voice of the weeper Wails manhood in glory. The autumn winds rushing Waft the...
245. oldal - I believe my own special readers will agree that my books will not suffer when their author is released from the daily task of reading, accepting, refusing, losing, and finding the works of other people. To say 'no' has often cost me a morning's peace and a day's work.
262. oldal - UPLIFT a thousand voices full and sweet, In this wide hall with earth's invention stored, And praise the invisible universal Lord, Who lets once more in peace the nations meet, Where Science, Art, and Labour have outpour'd Their myriad horns of plenty at our feet.
241. oldal - Old English Ditties, selected from W. Chappell's Popular Music of the Olden Time ; with a new introduction : the long ballads compressed and occasionally new words written by John Oxenford (vol.
297. oldal - ... not reach, leading, guiding, great and grand and good, — and now stooping to our lower wants, the very frolic of our souls reverberating from its keys ? The home that has a piano, — what capacity for evening pleasure and profit has it ! Alas that so many wives and mothers should speak of their ability to play as a mere accomplishment of the past, and that children should grow up looking on the piano as a thing unwisely kept for company and show...

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