The Myth of Marginality: Urban Poverty and Politics in Rio de Janeiro

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University of California Press, 1979 - Political Science - 341 pages

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Robin Hood Was Robin Hood just a thief who steals from the rich people to give the poor ones? Or was he
a brave and strong-hearted guy who help people who suffered because of the injustice in their town?
These questions sounds familiar because we used to hear about this famous legend. The bowman,
Robin Hood has a talent at throwing narrows. In fact we don't know the original story about Robin
Hood because it changes within the time. As for me, I knew about this legend for the first time by
watching the cartoon about Robin Hood. After that I watched the Disney movie, which has different
details from the cartoon. It should have been Robin Hood vs the King, while the movie shows many
actions about Robin Hood and the king against random people. In this case, I was confused and don't
know what is the original story, so I read the novel to learn which one is true and I recognized that they
share the same main idea with different details. To be honest, I understood that Robin Hood is an old
legend about an English guy who lives in the forest with his group of Merry Men which means the
cheerful men.
Robin Hood fought against injustice and unfairness. His group who were more than 100 men
worked with him to fight Nottingham.The story is a fun, enjoyable, and exciting tale for all. It's a
classic style, so the tale has been passed down from generations to generations. It reflects the brilliance
of how Robin Hood and his group steal from the rich and give to the poor while avoiding the Sheriff
Nottingham, Robin Hood's bitter enemy. Nottingham is unfair leader and an evil man who
takes all the poor people own. Unlike, his brother who was a fair leader. Because of
this, the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer, but our legend challenges the injustices and starts
his war against the sheriff Nottingham. Robin Hood broke the role and started a war against this
tyrannous leader. He used to steal from Nottingham castle money, food or any available stuff. Not only
from Nottingham castle, but he also used to steal most of from the rich people to feed poor people and
give them money by putting a bag in front of their house.
Some people think that Robin Hood is the super hero and a phenomenal legend. In contrast,
other people look at Robin Hood as a thief and criminal who breaks the rules and steal from rich
people. Actually, Robin Hood doesn't have the responsibility to help these poor people, he just help
them because he want the equality in his town and refuse the injustices. Due to this, I absolutely agree
that Robin Hood is the best hero ever. No one has the power to be against Nottingham, but Robin Hood
does. As a result, we can understand the militant personality what our legend has. He faces the injustice
by only using his talent at arrowing.
I believe that Robin Hood is one of the best legend ever. I told this story to my 12year old
cousin. Honestly, “Robin Hood is a really good example of the strong-hearted legend,” my cousin said.
Maybe because I told her the story by focusing on the advantages about what he did to help poor
people or maybe because I was so excited when I told her the story. In fact, I love this character
so much and I want to tell people how much is sparkling Robin Hood. According to this, I think if
someone believe and trust what he/she is talking about it and why they chose this character to be their
amazing legend, they will be able to convince and persuade anyone easily. I'm not sure if my cousin
will have opposite opinion if the story was told by someone who thinks that he is a thief and criminal.
Whatever the result was, this will not change the fact about my belief and opinion about this legend
Also, Robin Hood is a really good story to kids to read about it. IT has a lot of moral lessons to teach
such as, equality, friendship, cooperation, and help


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Social Cultural and Economic Marginality
Political Marginality Participation
Favela Removal The Eradication of
Marginality and Urban Poverty
Research and Methodology

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