The Narrow Gate: Accepting the Choices We Make

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AuthorHouse, Nov 7, 2012 - Biography & Autobiography - 262 pages
Our ability to overcome disappointment is learned in childhood. Individuals need a value-based inspiration to help them conquer defeat and advance achievement. For me, it was my mother and her stories, providing me all the knowledge, morals, humility, and courage I needed to succeed. Her stories cascading, one followed by one more. When I think of her, I see a long list of stories, bringing her back to me. Yes, every so often, I am reminded of her. I have kept her anecdotes to retell, each one amazing. Each one of her stories is a short journey allowing me to focus my attention as she attempted to prove to me that my human existence is worth it.

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About the author (2012)

From the time we recognize our ambitions and isolate our needs, we try to make the most out of what is real. We want to benefit from our experiences while continuously striving to become happy people. Our lives can become very confusing when we interact with others. For instance, are you discouraged when someone says something critical about you? Does it make you feel good if a person expresses something flattering about you? Well, neither one is beneficial, because such peripheral messages are not in your power to control. They create false impressions and unpleasant feelings. We should not let flattery or criticism influence our choices. Accepting as true, other peoples’ opinions and placing a value on those opinions puts a measure of control of your life in the hands of others. We are all driven by the same motives, tricked by the same erroneous beliefs, energized by hope, delayed when we are threatened, held prisoner by desire, and a slave to pleasure. With gloom everywhere, the weakness of our leaders and the disappearance of values, what is crucial to a happy and successful life? Character cannot be developed without effort. Only through experiencing of suffering is the soul strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Have you ever questioned why people behave as they do and why certain individuals seem to accomplish amazing things, when others who are given countless opportunities fail? Throughout my life, I was challenged with making difficult decisions. I immigrated to the United States when I was twelve years old. My wife and I have raised four children. I am retired from a successful business career and wanted to write about my experiences. I want to share my experiences with readers who may want to learn about growing up in a small town in Italy and using those experiences in America. Individuals need a value-based inspiration that will energize them and sustain them during difficult times. An individual’s persistence to achieve whatever he or she is striving for, at times with great personal loss, can only be attributed to a set of principles or values, which drive that individual’s conduct. People who achieve the greatest success, despite personal or public resistance, are clear about their beliefs and purpose. They understand that nothing is properly considered good or bad, aside from those events that are within their power to control, and the only issue fully within anyone’s power to control is choice. By applying the power of individual choice, it is possible to maintain poise in the face of either criticism or praise.

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