The Natchez, Volume 2

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Page 21 - O spirits !" cried the friend of Rene, addressing himself to heaven, " if ye deny us victory, grant us death !" and he attacked Artaguette. ' Two coursers, sons of the winds, burning with love for the same filly, as soon as they descry each other at a distance in the plain, bound neighing to the fight. Their inflamed breath mingles together ; they rear upon their hinder legs ; they close ; each covers the other's mane with foam and blood, and they mutually strive to worry one another. Suddenly loosing...
Page 329 - Merciful God, let me never again rise from this deathbed, and may Thy blessings be lavished on my brother, who has never shared my forbidden passion!" With these words escaping from the bier the horrible truth suddenly grew clear, and I lost control of my senses. Falling across the death sheet I pressed my sister in my arms and cried out: "Chaste spouse of Christ, receive this last embrace through the chill of death and the depths of eternity which already have parted you from your brother!
Page 295 - Rene, this picture is that of his feelings and his existence : it is thus that during the whole of my life, I have had before my eyes a creation at once immense and imperceptible, and an abyss gaping beside me.
Page 299 - I could not enjoy the bliss of ignorance. " My sister, in a manner inexplicable, seemed to delight in augmenting my ennui: she had quitted Paris a few days before my arrival. I wrote to her that it was my intention to rejoin her; but she hastened to reply in order to dissuade me from that project, on...
Page 325 - ... affection and my peace of mind." This cold determination resisting my burning affection threw me into a violent rage. There were times when I was about to return where I had come from; then, again, I wanted to stay for the sole purpose of disturbing the sacrifice. Hell even goaded me on with the thought of stabbing myself in the church and mingling my last sighs with the vows tearing my sister away from me.

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